10 Reasons Why You Should Grow More Peppers and Less Tomatoes in Your Garden

10 Reasons Why You Should Grow More Peppers and Less Tomatoes in Your Garden

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you 10 reasons why you should grow more peppers and less tomatoes in your home vegetable garden. In t…
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Question by subhra: Tomato plants dying!?
I planted tomato plantsand they grew flowers bt now they r dying..what can be done to stop this?

Best answer:

Answer by Laura
Water them loads and loads and loads! Also put some tomerite in the water you give them

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  1. you could make a defense weapon with all that pepper

  2. i can tell he’s high 1:27 into the video, and i haven’t read any comments

  3. Well,tomatoes are more expensive than peppers and taste better.Peppers are
    actually toxic,like all nightshade plants the higher the Scoville level the
    higher the toxicity.Our bodies are resistant to some extent.Eating habanero
    or Jolokia(ghost pepper) daily will damage your stomach lining and other
    health problems will occur also.It varies in the amount you eat and from
    person to person.Workers in garlic and chilli pepper mills develop asthma
    and respiratory disease also.Tomatoes are just harder to grow and
    maintain,that is why you choose them haa.I know because I tried too.

  4. I love the expression and enthusiasm you put into your videos : )

  5. smoky type peppers are actualy chipotle and it is a way to prepair peppers
    not a cultivar of peppers

  6. YAY! you should be called the happy gardener!

  7. Chew Habanero Pepper and then eat pussy……your chick will burn and
    melt………*so do NOT try it!*

  8. How appropriate that your wearing a VW shirt while talking about 4:20…I
    knew you were a hippie!

  9. Great video John!
    I agree growing peppers is a lot cooler than tomato’s!
    I grow and eat hot peppers and do hot pepper reviews.
    A little info though. The seeds are not what make the pepper hot; it’s the
    placenta and the oils created by the placenta.

  10. hahaha ur a stonner.. lol anyway im from a tropical country n thinkin
    about starting a veg or herb garden can u please give me 3-5 easy plants to
    start my lil garden with n tips.. thanks :)

  11. 4:20 love it! I just started getting into gardening,and I have about 6-7
    pepper plants and only 2 types of tomato,peppers win! sadly though the
    tomato plant is starting to produce,waiting impatiently on my peppers

  12. I can my own sauce, so tomatoes win. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks Jon, I will take a deeper look into this and purchase Heirloom
    Peppers, which we also call Capsicum here in Australia.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware

  14. you can’t compare tomatoes to peppers. tomatoes certainly have million more
    benefits than peppers. besides that you can’t eat peppers all day long. 

  15. Pepper freak! 

  16. I like your energy

  17. Dude nice, you got a german T-shirt.

  18. John, did you try growing pepper plants in the Tower Garden project? I
    like to grow more peppers too. Thanks

  19. Man if your not stoned I would be shocked, but yet you probble don’t spend
    allot of time being high since there is way too much work to do in your
    garden and be stoned too. Not going to happen, unless something in your
    life has changed your garden growing…

  20. Very exciting. Peppers grow better here in Texas than tomatoes anyhow. I
    will still grow tomatoes but cherry tomatoes way easier and better in
    salads for me… Peppers are healthy and add wonderful color even in
    containers :) ! Thanks for the video!! Jalapeno peppers are awesome
    filled w cream cheese and wrapped in bacon-then grilled…not as healthy
    this way but from time to time awesome appetiser! Cheers :)!

  21. Our favorite number… LOL

  22. “so to conclude this video” 6 minutes later…

  23. I have a serrano pepper plant and a anaheim pepper plant and a cherry

  24. Lol. “Ají dulce” means “sweet pepper”. :)

  25. I love both and one of my favorite foods is stuffed peppers which is
    peppers stuffed with minced meat in a thick tomato soup. Tbh peppers and
    tomatoes taste good in almost any food but I eat almost everything with hot

  26. Firstly I would double check there are no little tomatoes growing behind the flowers, sounds silly I know but worth a try.
    If your leaves on the plant look pail or you can see the veins clearly and they aren’t a bright, lush green, I’d say they were lacking in nutrients so give them a good feed.
    Give them a good water but make sure you do so regularly.

    Good luck :)

  27. Feed them every 3 days with miracle grow for tomatoes. Make sure they have good drainage (they are not sitting in water) and give them a good drink every day.

  28. If you have watered well and fertilized well and the tomatoes are still dying, check for yellow lower leaves and wilted top leaves. It may be your tomatoes are not resistant to wilts and you have one of them–like fusarium or verticilium. If that is the case, dig them up before they contaminate the ones next to them. Next time plant only disease resistant tomatoes. (indicated by a series of letters after the tomato name on the tag). Also, you can solarize(that’s another subject) that soil before you plant anything else there.

  29. This depends – do the leaves look yellow or are they turning colors and dying? Are your plants simply too dry? Have you fed them at all?

    Soak them really well – and when you water be sure you water at the root/base of the plant and don’t spray down the leaves. Water in the evening when it’s the coolest. If you water during the day and the leaves get wet it can make the plant burn up when the sun beats down on the wet vegetation.

    Also, check for diseases – the website below in my source has good information on what tomato plant diseases look like and what to do depending on what you find.

    You can feed with something like miracle grow – but do NOT overfeed your plants or you will end up with beautiful foliage and fewer tomatoes. Also there are natural ways to give your tomatoes what they need as well. Tomatoes require a lot of calcium so when you use eggs crush the eggshells up into a fine powder and place into the soil around the plant. This little home remedy has worked amazingly well for my tomatoes. I also grow mine in straw bales the past couple of years because my soil was not of the best quality. I can’t sing the praises of a straw bale garden enough!

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