151 and Sun Dried Tomato

151 and Sun Dried Tomato

Harrison takes a shot of 151 and chases it with salad dressing.
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Question by Daniel Eduardo: What does a flavorful Pomodoro/Marinara (tomato sauce) consist of?
Some people just cook canned tomatoes, garlic, add salt/pepper, basil. You get a simple sauce lacking flavor.

One time I tried adding dried oregano, and the sauce was so strong, probably way too much oregano.

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Answer by mark
The best sauce I’ve had consists of exactly the ingredients you listed in your first line. Perhaps you just need a bit more garlic and more basil.

I use the best olive oil. Probably 4-6 tbs. I then add about 5 cloves finely chopped garlic. I only saute for 30 seconds or so to get the raw taste from the garlic and avoid it becoming bitter as it browns. I then stir in 2 tbs tomato paste and saute for another minute or so. I then add 2 cans of plum tomatoes. I always buy San Marzano tomatoes. I only simmer for about 1/2 hour or so and then I remove from the heat and taste for salt. Lastly I add a a solid handful of chopped fresh basil. I don’t add pepper.

That is my simple sauce and I find it delicious.

If I want more flavor or if I plan on using it as a base for something that needs more kick, I add some finely chopped pancetta and 2-3 anchovies before I add the garlic. I mostly proceed as above but I tend to add less basil and a little hot pepper flakes just to stimulate the taste buds but not make the sauce hot.

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  1. You would need to use roasted vegetable–to get really unique../sauce..
    I use canned tomato’s..(whole)
    I use a large stainless steel saute’ pan..and my pizza cutter—to chop/chop/chop the whole tomato’s../
    I add..red wine..
    I add dry oregano
    I add olive oil..(little bit at a time)
    Some freshly cracked black pepper..
    That’s pretty much it..
    I make adjustments–using red wine..
    I add more olive oil..
    I might add tomato paste..should I desire thickness.

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