2012-04-15 Planting Back To The Garden 056.mov

2012-04-15 Planting Back To The Garden 056.mov

Transplanting a tomato plant. Here you can see its displaying it’s web of roots. These are just the ones that came up with the plant. I do believe over time …
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Question by : Can I grow tomato plant in Houston, TX during winter?
I was thinking of growing tomato plant in Houston. But this is winter time. Would you suggest growing at this time. Is Houston environment good for growing tomato?

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Answer by Davood
excuse me because my english tongue is weak.
yes, you can grow tomato in houston even now. tomato can grow in every where that temprature isn’t under 4 degree centigrade.
but for good crop, you should do:
1) plant tomatoes in sunny place.
2) irrigate just earlier morning in cool days with semi warm water: 30-35 centigrade.
3) this is better than keep them away or protect them from wind by installing short walls (every thing with 40 centimeter height that can protect against wind).
4) don’t pour water in leaves at irrigation time.

enjoy planting tomatoes & nourish delicious tomatoes.
be successful.

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