2012 tomato/pepper planting

2012 tomato/pepper planting

Learning to start some plants from seeds in 2012……..and killer moths!!!!!!!
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Question by ♥12/31/09♥: tomato plants arn’t thriving?
I planted 8 tomato plants, 4 are the regular large ones and the other 4 are cherry tomatoes. The four large tomatoe plants are huge the 4 cherry tomatoe plants either got aten by a dog or rabbit or, moles?? not sure, anyway, i still kept them in the ground, just the leaves were gone. But, they are still the same size as i planted them in may. Should I get rid of them, or give them special care? they are sproughting new leaves, but like i said they are still tiny plants.
thank you 😉
there might be some bugs in the dirt, but the thriving plants are also in the same plot of dirt. its a small area, 4foot by 5

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Answer by cdpaso
They had major trauma. They will eventually come back, but they will be longer than the others. Question is, can you wait.

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  1. good to keep a light mist over the top, just to make sure they don’t dry
    out, but water from the bottom will wik up. You can see if it’s moist
    enough up there. Just be sure to keep the whole thing warm. Tomato and
    pepper seeds like warmpth for germination. Heirloom tomatoes are excellent!

  2. They like sun, water, but not too much and fertilizer. If the leaves are gone, though ….you need new plants.

  3. Are you sure it’s not slugs or snails eating your plants?
    Persevere with them,they may give you some fruit.Take measures against the plant eaters.

  4. Cherry tomatoes are indeterminate tomato’s. So they will keep growing all season until frost. So if you can get them to grow they should do well.

  5. It depends were you live.
    North of the Mason Dixon (so to speak) the summers are too short to wait for the tomatoes to regrow so buy new plants and quickly because many varieties are all ready sold out.
    What I have found is DOGS, especially mine love Tomatoes, but not Tomato leaves.
    Moles tend to eat insects just under the plants or bulbs and tubers like Hosta and Lilys.
    Bunnies and groundhogs are the probable culprit.
    Before you spend more money on bunny salad I suggest a fence of chicken wire with 1/3 of it buried in the ground.
    Or you will be eaten again.

  6. spray thenm with a little soapy waterand may6be they will come back

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