2013 Kia Soul AM MY2013 + Tomato Red 6 Speed Automatic Hatchback

2013 Kia Soul AM MY2013 + Tomato Red 6 Speed Automatic Hatchback

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Question by OMG: What color light do tomato plants prefer?
White light (normal sunlight), red, blue, or green?

When they’ve got no flowers or tomatoes yet.

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Answer by Marcus
Sunlight is best, however placing something red on the ground around the tomato plant will help the tomatoes ripen.

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  1. White light, i.e. fluroescelent (cool white) will do fine. But as they start to get a decent size or start showing flowers then add in some normal CFL bulbs. I forget the term for them but they glow with a slightly red tinge to them and are the ones most people buy for their houses. You could get really into it and use a high powered sodium bulb. What you are trying to replicate is the season which starts with blue light (cool white bulbs) and ends up with red light.

    Ignore the purple green and yellow shown in this chart on the link below you just need to replicate the blue and red areas of the spectrum.

    The colour of each bulb will be indicated by a number i.e. 4000k is blue (spring time) if I remember correctly. The higher it gets the redder it gets which is more inline with the end of summer light.

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