30 Second How-To: Cut 10 Cherry Tomatoes in 2 seconds or less

30 Second How-To: Cut 10 Cherry Tomatoes in 2 seconds or less

In 30 seconds Parade.com editor Shannon McCook shows us how to cut at least 10 cherry tomatoes all at once. » For more like this, visit parade.com/food.
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Question by idk: Tomatoes and Topsy Turvy!?
Hi there all!
Well I recently bought a Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. And today, I just planted two types of tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy.

The one type is Yellow Cherry Tomatoes. I accidently bought this and would like to know your honest personal opinion on these. How do they taste? How long should I wait for them to grow? How much water do they need?

I also accidently bought the Celebrity Tomatoes. Please inform with the same as above.

**FYI, the tomatoes were in a section in the tomato isle that said “Better Boy” tomatoes. I was in a rush and picked these two and noticed when I got home that they were different.

I live in NJ and it is around 84 (F) degrees out here.

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Answer by chandelierbottle
Considering the relatively inexpensive cost of tomato plants I suggest you “pitch” your “accidental” purchases and start anew.
Its still early enough in the year.

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  1. that was bloody briliant :)

  2. dumb,cool but dumb

  3. The yellow tomatoes taste just as good as the red, they just make the salads colorful You water them the same as any otherplant. Check the soil for dryness and go from there

  4. I know you can grow really dank upside down pot. My friend uses a topsy turvy, and grows the best bud i know of (you can smell it when its in your pocket).

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