A tour of the May Garden! Check out the tomato bag cage greenhouse!

A tour of the May Garden! Check out the tomato bag cage greenhouse!

Finished planting the garage garden. Next is the shed garden. Stay tuned!
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Question by : Is this a sterile tomato plant or just the heat?
I have 1 tomato plant out of 12. It has growen to over 8 foot tall. 3 foot taller than the others. All planted at the same time,same seeds. It blooms but the blooms dry and drop. The other 11 are doing great Have tomato’s from them. Same soil same row. And it is in the middle of the row. So I have this plant,tomato tree,lots of blooms, No tomato’s on it. Or should I wait another 2 weeks before cutting it?

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Answer by Samantha
I say yeah wait a little longer. Then for sure cut it down and take away some root so the other plants can thrive.

Lol if you use miracle grow, all your tomato plants will grow over 8 feet tall, oh its fun having a (female) tomato plant that’s taller than you. Mine is barely 3 months old and already is 4 feet tall.

Enjoy growing James!

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  1. I have a lot of seeds packed into this first garden. I can feed the world!

  2. I will gorge myself at every opportunity! Thanks!

  3. Not we need some hot!

  4. All this food is making me hungry! :) Making proper use of your garden
    Rick. Good for you!

  5. Wonderful update, everything is looking really good, lots of variety. Love
    the kiwi trellis :)

  6. Thanks a lot. The weather has been wild again this year.

  7. Our weather has been weird. Michigan is the only place you can get
    sunburned one day and frost bite the next. lol

  8. Thank YOU!

  9. Yep. The easy coast of Lake Michigan can be just as wild as Yooperland. :-)

  10. Beautifull garden Rick. We had snow last nite. Frost for the next two
    morn’s and 89 by friday. My planting will start. Good job . Thanks kbtrapper

  11. No don’t cut it wait and see what happens in a few weeks.
    I had to use shade brake on my plants because the leafs curled from intense sun.
    They are doing a lot better with a canopy. I live in southern Nevada and using
    a canopy shade is a must for the tomatoes or else they don’t produce much at all.


  13. James, I manage a community garden. I would imagine you have a different kind of tomato plant that is mixed in with your others. An indeterminate variety. It is putting all of the efforts into the vines and none into the fruit. Another reason blossoms fall is lack of calcium in the soil.
    Since it’s not producing, I would cut it back now rather than wait. I don’t know where you live but in northern climates where the growing season is 3-4 months, you don’t have much time left to get it ti set fruit. As long as it is healthy, clipping it down can’t hurt. You can try it, anyway, ’cause like I said, it’s not producing so what would be the harm?

  14. I had the same problem this year. 3 out of 40 did not even bloom. All came from the same seed harvest. All were 7-8 feet tall and heirlooms. I pulled those three up and started new ones. All of the remaining plants have produced a great crop but now are in their declining period. Today I pulled up and planted new ones in 8 of my pots. I will continue to do this as the season winds down so I will have a great fall crop. Tomatoes will not set fruit when the temps are above 90, so what you have is all you will have until it cools. Pull it and replace with a Cherokee Purple.

  15. Every so often you get a plant with dementia.

    It’s a freak of nature.
    No amount of watering or fertilizing or spell casting will do it any good.

  16. Hello James,

    My name is Gardengail and I work for the Home Depot in the garden center. If you have plenty of blooms just go out at noon and shake the plat to set the pollen, or use an electric toothbrush to vibrate the tomato cage to shake the pollen down. I would not cut a blooming plant down. Lack of calcium in the soil causes blossom end rot and doesn’t affect fruit set. You just need a little help with pollinating.

    Hope this helps,

  17. I would trim it to stop the growth and see if it would put it’s resources into fruit.

    Push those bees in its direction…

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