Anywhere Garden – Cherry Tomato

Anywhere Garden - Cherry Tomato

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Question by bobbie n: keeping mice out of tomatoes?
mice are eating my tomatoes and I would like to find a way without poison to get rid of them

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Answer by Mike Michaels
sprinkle cayenne pepper on them or get some capsaicin powder

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  1. cat is a best answer
    buy a lot of cat
    grow them to your farm or garden
    cat is a clean animal
    i have a garden of tomatoes
    i have a lot of cat
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  2. How do you know they’re mice? Got to tell you. We have mice in the house, but we live in the city, and I’m sure it’s the squirrels eating our tomatoes. They watch us watching them, while they spread out our tomatoes on neighbor’s picnic tables and eat them right in front of us. Mice? They don’t even go after the cherry tomatoes in our kitchen, and I know they’re in the kitchen. I’m fighting that battle nonstop. lol

    Mice like grains, not produce.

  3. Use Shake Away Rodents along your garden. It’s made of a blend of predatory scents to drive off mice, rats, voles, shrews, squirrels and chipmunks.

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