Aquaponic tomato harvest

Aquaponic tomato harvest

Harvesting tomatoes, green onion, basil and red chilies to make an organic marinara sauce.
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Question by Peter: thai green curry paste???
i have some thai green curry paste in the cupboard but i do not have coconut milk or chicken but what i have got is tinned tomatoes and beef that you would normaly put in a stew, can i make a dish out of this?? I also have rice.Any suggestions.

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Answer by koiboy
It’s definitely worth it to go out and find yourself a can of coconut milk. Thai curry just isn’t thai curry without the coconut milk. You can use whatever meat you want and adding tomatoes is fine too but it might change the flavors a little. I usually add some type of veggies like potatoes or string beans.

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  1. You should go to the store and purchase the coconut milk so you can prepare a proper curry.

  2. You can make Stir-fried Beef by using green curry paste for exotic favour. *We tend to put tomatoes for red curry i.e. Grilled Duck in Red Curry not for green curry.
    Start by heating a bit of oil in a pan/ wok, stir fry green curry paste (suggest small amount as it’ll be more spicy than cooking the actual curry). After aroma of herb out more, put beef to cook (slice beef into thin pieces). Keep stir fry and add favour by sugar and fish sauce. *Don’t cook too long, if curry paste starts to burn, just put water little. At last minute, sprinkle basil leaves (if you have). Serve it with cooked rice and some clear soup or a fried egg (sunny side up).
    Enjoy your meal!

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