Around the House- How to plant and grow a Tomato plant in containers!

Around the House- How to plant and grow a Tomato plant in containers!

This is for all of you that want to plant tomatoes, but don’t have a whole lot of space. In this video, Chris will show you how to plant tomatoes in a contai…
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Question by zerospacegurl: Tomato Plant Question?
I have a Goliath tomato plant and a Husky Red Cherry tomato plant. Last week small yellow flowers started appearing on both plants. When can I expect tomatoes to start forming?

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Answer by thetravelinggardener
keep them well fed and watered and you might expect fruit in three to four weeks, if the temperature is right.

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  1. within 3 or 4 days you should see the center of the blosson turn green. Thats the start

  2. you should have tomatoes in a few weeks after pollenation (bees do this, so I hope your plants are outside). keep them watered and fed and in the sun..

  3. The temperature at night must stay above 55 degrees for tomatoes to set fruit. If your night temps have been above 55 degrees for at least a week and your tomatoes are not setting fruit, then you need to go out in the early morning and shake the plants lightly. This helps to move the pollen around on your flowers. (Tomatoes are self-fruiting).

    Good Luck!!

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