Arugula Jersey Tomato Salad

Arugula Jersey Tomato Salad

a nutirent rich organic salad
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Question by : what is taboli salad mix?
salad mix with whole grain bulgur wheat

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Answer by Hannah M
Parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoes, red onions, bulgar

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  1. tabouli

    1 (6 oz.) box bulgar wheat
    1/3 c. olive oil (or other oil)
    1 clove finely crushed garlic or put through press
    2 finely chopped tomatoes
    1 1/4 c. cold water
    1/4 c. lemon juice – use fresh lemons
    1 tbsp or more flat leaf. parsley, chopped
    1 sm. onion or four scallions, finely chopped
    Salt/pepper to taste

    Mix bulgar wheat and other ingredients in bowl. Let stand 1 hour to absorb water in the refrigerator. .

  2. Tabbouleh (Arabic: تبولة‎; also tabouleh or tabouli) is a Levantine salad dish. Traditionally a mountain dish from the Eastern Mediterranean, and one of the Lebanese main dishes, it has become one of the most popular Middle Eastern salads.

    Its primary ingredients are finely chopped parsley, bulgur, mint, tomato, spring onion, and other herbs with lemon juice, olive oil and various seasonings, generally including black pepper and sometimes cinnamon and allspice.

    In the Arab world, but particularly the Greater Syrian region, it is usually served as part of the mezze, and is served with romaine lettuce. In Iraq, the dish is considered native to Mosul, whose cuisine is tightly linked to that of Syria. The Lebanese use more parsley than bulgur wheat in their dish.

    A Turkish variation of the dish is known as kısır,while a similar Armenian dish is known as eetch. In Cyprus, where the dish was introduced by the Lebanese, it is known as tambouli.
    Lebanon, Palestine Prep: 20 – Easy Serves 4 – 6

    Delicious Middle Eastern salad or appetizer.

    * 3 cups of finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
    * 1/2 cup of finely chopped fresh mint
    * 4 or 5 finely chopped spring onions (with the green parts)
    * 4 ripe, medium size tomatoes, chopped into small cubes
    * 1 cup of medium burghul (cracked wheat)
    * 1/2 tsp allspice
    * 1/2 cup lemon juice
    * 1/2 jalapeno pepper, de-seeded, chopped fine (optional)
    * 5 TBS good olive oil
    * Salt and Pepper

    Chef’s knife, chopping board, mixing bowl.

    RINSE burghul several times and then soak in cold water for about twenty minutes.

    CHOP the tomatoes (small dice).

    CLEAN the parsley and remove the large stems (you want mostly leaves). Chop fine.

    PUT the burghul in a sieve to drain.

    TRIM the spring onions, and chop them into 1/4″ lengths.

    PUT the drained burghul and tomato in a large mixing or serving bowl. Add salt, pepper, allspice, lemon juice, olive oil, mint, parsley, and optional minced jalapeno.

    TASTE for seasoning. If too dry, you can add additional lemon juice.

    TOSS well. Tabouli benefits from resting – you can cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for a few hours or over night, tossing occasionally.

    SERVE with cabbage or lettuce leaves – scoop some tabouli into a leaf and enjoy!
    Tabouli Salad

    The best salad in the world, as far as my mom is concerned. Extremely healthy. Great on a hot summers day.


    1/3 cup bulgur wheat
    2 clove garlic crushed
    3 whole lemons juice
    1 bunch mint fresh
    8 bunch parsley large bunches,8 cups chopped
    4 whole scallions both white and green parts sliced thin
    3 whole tomatoes ripe, diced
    salt to taste
    black pepper freshly ground , to taste
    olive oil optional, highly recommended for taste. Tablespoon to a quarter cup

    Cover bulgur with warm water and soak for 15 minutes. Squeeze out excess water. Mix in the lemon juice, crushed garlic , salt and pepper. Allow this to rest until bulgur is soft, about 30 minutes.

    Wash the mint and parsley well and dry it. Chop parsley and mint finely using a knife or food processor (if using a food processor it helps to use the pulse in order to prevent chopping to fine and turning the herbs to a puree).

    Combine the mint, parsley, scallions and tomatoes and bulgur mixture . Toss with olive oil as desired. Add lemon juice,salt or pepper as desired to adjust the taste.

    Serve with small romaine lettuce leaves, use them as scoops.

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