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  1. Make sure to check out the new Nicko’s Kitchen Google+ page 😀

    Click the link –>

  2. What a delicious looking soup!

  3. I could totally go for a bowl of that soup Nicko! Good job!

  4. Awesome man. Tried to make it with some friends and it came out almost the
    same 😛 Of course yours is more prettier,

  5. This soup looks good I love making soups. No soup isn’t boring : ) 

  6. “how to make tomato soup not boring”

  7. Liking that, perhaps a cheeky drop of vodka in there for a bloody mary soup
    vibe – nice work

  8. Tomato soup dust, don’t breathe this!

  9. Great presentation! And the combination of flavors and contrasts has to be
    amazing. I’ve got to try it.

  10. Was skeptical at the start, but man that looks fkn great!

  11. Rob that looks really good!!!

  12. Using vegetable stock and leaving out the bacon and pepperoni, this can
    easily be made into an awesome vegetarian recipe. I am definitely making
    this soon. 😀 Thanks for the concept! One can use red pepper flakes and
    other spices to make up for the absence of the pepperoni, too.

  13. I love your videos nicko, but what i like partly about a chef is that they
    show themselves cooking the food. Not to look at you, but how you cut and
    prepare your food. It’s kinda like an art. Lol. Looks don’t matter(saying
    this because when you show yourself cooking, you look tense and nervous).
    Not at all, you will get hate comments about your weight, but it doesn’t
    mean shit. It will make you look better!
    People will notice you a lot more! When you watch Marco Pierre White, you
    see how he preps his oil, cuts his food, and moves to get his food. When i
    saw you live, you were outgoing! It was amazing!! Just amazing to see you
    out there being yourself. Show yourself cooking and you WILL be the most
    popular chef on youtube. You WILL go beyond that. If you made it this far,
    thank you for reading my comment. P.S. (not asking you to do this right
    away, maybe in a few months or a year)

  14. I’m moving in a couple of weeks and this would be perfect to fix in my new
    kitchen lol

  15. Nicko, cook your meat well! It’s raw!


  16. Fuck you, bacon is awesome

  17. You have the greatest videos in the entire land.

  18. Sorry! I try to make a comment but I don’t know if it works anymore since
    google has ruined it for everybody …

  19. Looks great :P

  20. What herb is the white flower? 

  21. ur the best man!! :)

  22. Watching your videos while hungry is probably the worst idea ever… You
    always make such delicious looking food!

  23. Nicko, could you try to remake Cambell’s Bean and Bacon soup??? I used to
    love it as a child, but cant seem to get the right flavors down :(

  24. Yummy! I think that soup is good for the winter. By the way, u are a very
    good chef and keep up the good work

  25. Hungry jack burgers please i.e. Rodeo mini burgers please nicko

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