Baked Penne Pasta Recipe With Sausage : Adding Tomato & Wine for Baked Penne Pasta Recipe

Baked Penne Pasta Recipe With Sausage : Adding Tomato & Wine for Baked Penne Pasta Recipe

Learn how to add tomatoes, tomato paste and wine for a baked penne pasta recipe with sausage in this free Italian food cooking video. Expert: Laura Banford B…
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Question by Robby: What is a pasta sauce without tomatoes or dairy?
I’m in charge of a dinner for one night at a family’s household. I am making homemade pasta but I need ideas of what the pasta will be served with. The family cannot eat tomatoes or cheese/dairy which knocks out the basic sauces. Any good recipe suggestions out there?

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Answer by Taylor Monet
You could make a pesto sauce or something that’s like oil and garlic based

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    everything up. Stick to your hamburgers and hot dogs White man.

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  9. I would recommend a CLAM LINGUINE—–Start with a big sauce pan, and place several tablespoons of olive oil–add one white or yellow chopped onion, a whole bulb, crown of garlic, minced, one half a green and red bell pepper, chopped, ten greek black olives, chopped, add salt pepper, a pinch of sweet basil, parsley, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, oregano,heat all the ingredients, and stir till soft, and cooked—add a can or two of chopped or minced clams—pour a cup of dry white wine, in the sauce–and cover—Select your pasta, and cook till AL Dente, firm, and not over cooked—Place the Pasta on the plates, and pour the sauce over the pasta—garnish with d fresh parsley–serve with the wine–and spinach salad–

  10. Arugula avocado pesto or Raw cashew/nutritional yeast fettucini sauce. Chef Chloe has great recipes for each although there are some variations online from others.

  11. basic olive oil & garlic.

    edit: check the Food Network website. for Asian pasta sauces too. such as a peanut sauce or black bean sauce on Asian noodles. I recall a cold noodle dish that uses sesame oil, oyster sauce and chopped green onions.

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