Basic Information on How to Side-Dress/Fertilize Container Tomatoes – The Rusted Garden 2013

Basic Information on How to Side-Dress/Fertilize Container Tomatoes - The Rusted Garden 2013

Tomatoes are heavy heavy feeders. Side-dressing is the process of putting a balanced fertilizer on the soil to the sides of your tomato plants. You do this, …
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  1. Some quick information on side-dressing/fertilizing container tomatoes.

  2. Hi! How can i side dress my plants with bone meal (or other kind of dusty
    organic fertilizer) ? Or that won’t work because bone meal is a slow
    releaser fertilizer? Thank you very much!!

  3. Yes. Determinate means they get to a set height, produce fruit all at once
    and die off. So they yellowing is normal die back. Search determinate on my
    site i have some videos. If you look up the name of you tomato on the net
    youll find out if it is indeterminate or determinate. Heirlooms have both

  4. I wish you luck. I dont see why you wont get a great production this year.
    I expect to see red fruit in a week on mine… I hope.

  5. Thats big. That tomato will have no problem getting to size.

  6. hi gary, I don’t understand what the term determinate varieties means. can
    you give a little more info. The tomatoes are all heirlooms, Thanks much ~

  7. Thanks. Ive been growing container tomatoes for a while. Moisture and
    regular feedings keeps them chugging along. They don’t get quite as big as
    the do in the ground but you can get a great size tomato in a 5 gallon

  8. 7 gallons sounds good. That helps with moisture. Good luck.

  9. Hello Gary, Thank you for the great videos. I have a question about our
    tomatoes. the leaves at the bottom are turning yellow. Can you suggest what
    this is & its remedy? Many blessings

  10. Yes I use bark mulch on top. Side feeding is probably what i said or meant.
    I have to put in my text boxes still. It means you are just feeding the
    plant by putting the fertilizer to the side. Yes you can use it for other

  11. If they are determinate varieties that is normal. Sometimes indeterminate
    varieties turn yellow because of water, nutrient or weather issues… or
    usually a combo. The best thing to do is make sure there are no insects
    doing the damage and its not another disease but just yellowing. An extra
    liquid fertilizer dosing on the leaves and the container. You could also
    give it some epsom salts. After that let them be.

  12. I had tomatoes from seed that I put out in 5gallon buckets back first of
    May and one didn’t have proper drainage and died back, I put it in a 30-40
    gallon pot and its now double the size of the 5 gallon ones haha, wish I
    had acres of land :)

  13. Are peppers heavy feeders, too? Mine don’t seem to be, but you never know.

  14. Can you use the 10-10-10 on all container vegetables? Is that bark on top
    of the dirt in your container veggies? And what is a side feeder? Or was I
    not listening? Ha-ha…….your veggies look great mine are all still so
    small. Thanks.

  15. I ended up using 7 gallon this year and I am noticing a big difference from
    the 5 gallon. I gotta do this to my container tomatoes, they are ready,
    thanks for the video ;)-

  16. That can happen. Inspect them. If no bugs than try a drink of liquid
    fertilizer. If they r determinate varieties the yellowing is normal.

  17. Good grief, look at the size of those tomato plants. I can’t believe those
    are coming out of those little pots. I call them little relative to the
    size of those plants. Impressive.

  18. Not nearly as much as tomatoes. In fact to much fertilizing on peppers gets
    you more leaves and less peppers. For someone reason they do better with
    neglect. Ground peppers are pretty much good to go. Container peppers will
    need some feedings.

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