Benefits of Using Epsom Salt in the Garden -The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Straight To The Point

Benefits of Using Epsom Salt in the Garden -The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Straight To The Point

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Question by : Tomato plant won’t make tomatoes…?
Hi! My name is Mary Lynn. My mom and I bought some tomato plants a few months ago and two of them–a porch and the common tall type–have been doing very well. The porch tomato already has 14 tomato fruits, and one of the larger types has 3, but the tallest one, which is taller than my mom, doesn’t have any. It keeps making flowers but they just shrivel up. Help?
Thank you!
Thanks, everyone! Hondu, I’ll try the tapping. Yeah, it’s really hot around here, but even thought it’s just gotten hotter the other two plants are seemingly able to thrive. They’re still making tomatoes… and we have lot’s of bees.
Steed, I’ll try watering them a little more often. They always seem to perk up after being watered.
rjs, brilliant! That’s it! My mom and I have a tendency to ignore instructions to anything, and this tomato food that we give them is full of nitrogen. The box said to feed them once every 7 to 14 days, and we had been feeding them the food once every 2 days. xD Lolz. Thank you!!
{next day}
Aha! Our big big plant has finally sprouted it’s first little tomato! 😀 Thanks everyone!

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Answer by Hondu
If you have been having hot weather, consistently above the low nineties, the blossoms will dry up and fall off. The plants with tomatoes may have set fruit before the hot weather hit. The other possibility is lack of pollinating insects. You can try gently tapping the blossoms with a finger tip to loosen and spread the pollen inside the flower. Tomatoes are self pollinating, meaning both male and female parts are inside the same blossom, so pollen doesn’t have to be moved from one blossom to the other.

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  1. Benefits of Epsom salt in the garden.

  2. Epsom Salt can be used for more then just in the house take it to the
    garden here is why. Benefits of Using Epsom Salt in the Garden -The
    Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Straight To The Point

  3. Very good job straight to the point. You seem to be very knowledgeable as
    to what it is you were discussing keep up the good work.

  4. Benefits of Epsom salt in the garden.


  6. Glad to be of service.

  7. It really helps with blossom end rot. I started watering in epsom and
    azomite when I watered my toms, and no more blossom rot.

  8. I’m not able to be of much help with translating to German. Chinese on the
    other hand I can certainly give you a hand. According to Google Translate
    it is Bittersalz.

  9. look up on google the translation for it and write it down n take to the
    store clerk

  10. Go to the big box drug area and find the foot care and look down the big
    bag will be Epsom Salt. You might find some in the garden area as well but
    for certain you can in the drug area. Dollar stores have it many times as

  11. Oh yes. It improves photosynthesis and greens the plant up.

  12. Do you think Epsom salt has additives that will be useful for the plants,
    as I consider salt for food and cooking, while calcium and magnesium
    extracted from raw salt are of so many uses.

  13. I moved to Germany a few years ago so my daughter could get to know her
    Grandparents. Good her for not so good for me. We don’t have big box
    stores, at least in my area. Thats why I don’t know how to ask for it. I
    can’t find a translation. Lot’s of things I am accustomed to just can’t be
    found. I have to improvise a lot. People think I’m crazy because I like to
    do things for myself.

  14. Thank you

  15. Thanks! I have seen Bittersalz. I didn’t think about Google translate. I
    gave up on it a while back because I do speak German fairly well, or so
    they say, and google translate kept giving me really messed up translations
    for conversations. Guess that’s the difference between a direct translation
    for a word and trying to translate a conversation where one must understand
    a bit of the way of thinking to understand well.

  16. I’ve seen several vids lately recommending Epsom salts. I use it for many
    other purposes but I can’t find it here. Undoubtedly I just don’t know what
    to ask for.

  17. maybe magnesium sulphate extracted from the salt, but that is a process on
    how to produce as crop fertilizer.

  18. EPSOM salts – MgSO4 = magnesium sulfate where table salt is NaCl = sodium
    chloride. Table salt / sodium chloride is used as a plant killer and there
    is no beneficial way to use it on your desired plants.

  19. Good suggestion. I planted 7 big boy bush tomatoes today and sprinkled some
    around them.. We will see if I makes a difference. Thanks!

  20. It’s good to mix a bit of it in your compost tea brew too 😉

  21. Thanks for a clear reply John, as seen I am beside raw salt in high pile
    for export as de-icing, and I am a salt exporter from Egypt, while I know
    salt is harming the plants, when some infos from herein mentioned EPSOM
    salt as seems useful for plant grow…Clear… it is NOT.

  22. My only guess would be to give them more water? Tomatoes like to drink a lot in warm weather – consider than a tomato is made almost entirely water!

  23. another possibility not mentioned would be too much nitrogen fertilizer, which will cause lush growth but also blossom drop…if you suspect this, plenty of water will remove it from the root zone; and even so, the plant will eventually be large enough to start setting fruit anyhow…

    (this is usually worse with peppers)

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