BIG TOMATO PLANTS in New hampshire and self watering

BIG TOMATO PLANTS in New hampshire and self watering

just a garden video on my garden living In New Hampshire BIG TOMATO PLANTS.
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Question by Kassie: What is wrong with my tomato plants?
My plants started out growing great. They were big, bushy and green. Now, they look pathetic. I didn’t use to water them every day but now I do. I can’t tell any difference in them though. Some of them have blossom end rot so I need to add calcium for that issue. I’m now wanting to know what to do for the leaf issue. Even If I can’t save all of my plants, I’d like to save the ones I can. My tomato plants are planted in buckets with the bottoms cut out of the buckets. I know they can’t be root bound. They buckets are filled with miracle grow garden soil. I have 4 different types tomato plants planted and they are all doing the same thing. My pepper plants that I have planted the same way, look great. Does anyone have any suggestions for my poor tomato plants? Thanks in advance !!

tomato plant
I have started watering them morning and evening.

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Answer by Safelydone
How often are you watering? If in pots and in full sun, they may need watering 2x per day. Tomatoes need full sun also. Tomato plants dry out fast, especially because they love the sun and are in pots.

You can also add fertilizer to your water, even though they are in miracle grow soil. Because they arein pots, some of the nutirnts will leach out of the bottom of the pot and so adding fertilizer to the water may help.

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  2. I love growing food.. it pays off when you get to eat what you had grown..
    thnks for the sub and comments

  3. thanks it works well…

  4. nice garden glad to see young people doing this

  5. Like the beer bottle watering system, great idea :)

  6. Looks like possible nitrogen deficiency. When plants are short of nitrogen they will pull the nitrogen out of the lower, older, less active leaves with less sunlight so it can be recycled into the newer leaves getting more sunlight. This causes the lower leaves with less sun to die.

  7. Do you smoke? Or somebody that smokes are touching the plants? It could be tobacco mosaic disease. You have done exceptionally well for tomatoes in pots. The roots however tend to go many feet from the plant. You do have some root crowding, which will keep the plant from feeding properly. The only thing you can do is feed it diluted Miracle Grow once or twice a week. I would carefully pick out the bad leaves and discard them in the trash. Looks like you will eat tomatoes after all. Good luck.

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