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Big Tomatoes Advanced Tomato Growing Secrets – There are big tomatoes, small tomatoes and many sizes in between. If growing big, juicy tomatoes are…
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Question by blibityblabity: I big of a pot do I need to grow a tomato plant?
6 tomatoes came up in my garden from last season, and I already bought 5 more, so I decided to grow them in a pot.

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Answer by ranlou01
a 5 gal. bucket works well if it is only plant in it traditionally, if growing upside down u can use a 2-3 gal bucket. drill drain holes 1-2″ from bottom of 5 gal. bucket for excess water drainage. if planting a upside down plant cut a 1-11/2″ hole in bottom center place plant roots through hole so its roots are in bucket, plant hanging upside down, cover with dirt hang up on hook or other hanger, watch it grow and enjoy tomatoes. GOOD LUCK I GROW THEM BOTH WAYS AND ENJOY FRESH VEGIES, YOU CAN ALSO TAKE ETHER OF THEM INSIDE FOR WINTER MONTHS.

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  1. the bigger the pot, the more tomatoes…

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