Breeding new tomato varieties: how to cross-pollinate tomatoes

Breeding new tomato varieties: how to cross-pollinate tomatoes

Create your own new tomato varieties. Free breeder and tomato/potato guru Tom Wagner tells us how to make crosses between tomato varieties. TomWagner, fri fr…
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Question by Sam’s Mom: Is it okay to eat a green tomato that hasn’t ripened?
One of our tomatos fell off the vine before it was ripe, and we wondered if we could still eat it? I’ve had green heirloom tomatos, but this is an early girl variety.

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Answer by rp76
bread it and fry it! it’s delicious.

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  1. I am being intersteted in this.I like it but, needs more facts!!!!! :)

  2. You didn’t really show how

  3. i was wondering my his voice was muffled , hes chewing alot lol (tobacco
    maybe?) This is a good video , im very interested in crossing tomatoes , im
    going to work on a Centiflor cross =) in aim for mass yielding

  4. Nice video but i hope you can explain a little more. I’m interested in
    understanding this since i want to learn. I’m new at this.

  5. Voice quality is probably either the cellphone film or Tom’s way of
    speaking due to a congenital hearing problem; I’m sure he would be the last
    to chew tobacco in a tomato greenhouse! lol

  6. Health wise,I see no reason why not-I’m not a specialist though.I suppose that it will be harder and a bit tasteless though.

  7. Slice it, dip it in some batter and fry it up – fried green tomatoes – wonderful!!

  8. yes. eat green fried tomatos!

  9. It is as long as you clean it, it is just the same as a red 1 obviously just different color

  10. You sure can. They are great sliced, battered, and fried.

  11. Oh yes, fried green tomatoes are great! Or you can just eat it raw. To fry, dip in flour then in an egg & milk mixture then back in salt and peppered flour and fry in a pan with oil.

  12. Sure…just cut it up into the fry pan or make piccalilli with it.

  13. YES , have u ever heard of fried green tomato’s THEY TASTE AWESUM

  14. mmm….fried green tomatoes !! YUMMY !

  15. Aside from fried, green tomatoes are used in chow-chow relish. So, yes they are safe to eat.

  16. well i was at a garden center yesterdays and there was tomato plants so i had a few ripe cherry tomatoes..they were really good and then i saw some green normal tomatoes (there were defenatly not ripe) but i had one anyway …and i went into a huge embarresing coughing fit cuz it had litterally just been sprayed in bug killer..serves me right but my throat is still stinging now…so if it had bug killer on it DO NOT EAT IT…or just go wash it

    Fried green tomatoes are the best!

  18. bread it and fry it, pickle it, or just sit it in your window sill until it gets ripe. final answer = its fine to eat green tomatoes.

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