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Cabbage Soup Negative Calorie Cabbage Soup No Meat No Tomato

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Question by ChemFlunky: Why aren’t my tomatoes ripening?
I have a tomato plant in front of my house, and it has tomatoes on it, but they do *not* seem to be actually ripening. Some are partially red and partially green, and some are just staying green, but *none* of them seem to be going all-red. Any idea what’s wrong?
It’s been well over a month. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to ripen faster than that. And the area doesn’t get *too* much sun (maybe only a few hours a day), but it’s Arizona, so heat is *not* a problem.
if it makes a difference, they’re little cherry tomatoes.

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Answer by fluffernut
Patience. It takes plenty of sunlight to have the green fruit ripen. There are some diseases that will inhibit ripening because of clogging to the stems. Hopefully your plants look healthy.

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  3. not enough light and heat at present, they will ripen or you can put them in a drawer that’s supposed to work but I can’t explain why.

  4. Whether Arizona or New England temperature dosen’t matter 100%. Tomato plants need ATLEAST 5–7 hours of full sun or a very light shade. You should also fertilize more, or add more nitogen/phosphrous. That can be a major problem. Or maybe your tomato has a small disease that prohibits full ripening. If it occurs more and tomatoes don’t ripen…Obviously throw them away or make them into compost. Get spome new ones next spring and take proper care of them. But I wouldnt worry as much, since your in Arizona, the typical Fall weather comes in Early Novemeber. Happy Gardening :)

  5. Those partially red and partially green tomatoes can be picked and stored on a counter top inside. It’s possible they won’t turn completely red b/c of their genetics.

    Those ‘still all green’ tomatoes are simply not ripe yet and simply need more time.

    No need to fertilize
    No need to spray.
    No need to give them extra water.

    Just give them time and they’ll ripen where they’re ready.

  6. Be patient. They are starting to ripen, so it should only be another week or so until you can pick those that are fully ripe.

    This year, all over the country, gardening has been a challenge. Nothing went according to the way it should have.

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