Cherry tomato

Cherry tomato

Gracie plays with an unripe cherry tomato.
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Question by Stephanie: What kind of tomato plants don’t grow very tall?
Last year my tomatoes grew so tall! I actually started cutting them down, I plant them in front of my window so I only want them to get like 3 feet tall.
Oh, and does me cutting them down affect their production of growing fruit?

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Answer by Texperson
There are two types of tomatoes. Determinate, which grow to about 3′ and stop, and indeterminate, which just keep growing till they die. Look at the tags on the tomato plants you buy and it will say whether they are determinate or indeterminate.

Cutting tomato plants down won’t be necessary when you by determinate varieties.

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  1. You should plant determinate varieties. Ask the garden nursery what they have in those. Celebrity is a determinate variety. That’s all I plant here because of bacterial wilt. They are resistant to that. Determinate varieties have a shorter harvesting period, since they ripen all in about two or three weeks, whereas indeterminate are vine type plants which can produce new fruit over a longer period. The determinate tomatoes are not quite as sweet, since the plant is smaller and don’t store as much sugar. But if you like a lot of tomatoes all at once, this is a good kind to plant. I would advise against cutting or pruning indeterminate tomatoes, since the more leaves you have, the sweeter the tomato will get. You would be better off planting Celebrities instead of cutting down indeterminate tomatoes plants. Nevertheless, you can grow indeterminate tomatoes vertically inside a wire cage or stake. If you plant those in front of the window just put a string between two stakes 2 1/2 feet off the ground and tie the vines around that. They will grow horizontally. Good luck.

  2. You can always plant cherry tomatoes! :) they still taste as good as the others and they are perfect for salads!

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