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Question by ChrisG22: why are my Roma tomatoes rotting?
I’m trying 2 topsy turvy planters this summer. One has cherry tomatoes and seems to be doing just fine. I’ve already picked about 10 and even though they are small, they seem to be OK. The other planter has a roma plant. As soon as the tomatoes started to appear from the blossoms, they each start turning brown at the bottom. Every single tomato is getting this rotten spot, so none of them will be edible.

Both plants are watered at the same time and have been receiving fertilizer. Any reason for these rotten ones? Thanks!

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Answer by NXile
It sounds like a calcium deficiency to me. If it is, then a good dose of calcium will fix this problem almost overnight. It’s too late for the affected tomatoes, but the new ones should be fine.

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  1. The soil used in the pot with the Roma does not have enough calcium. Probably from a different compost pile at the plant where they were made. Fertilize with bone meal. It won’t help the tomato’s that have already formed, but it will prevent new tomatos from rotting.

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