Cherry Tomato Instructional Video 2-13-11.AVI

Cherry Tomato Instructional Video  2-13-11.AVI

An instructional video for those who eat cherry tomatoes. And yes, it was windy and yes I forgot to use my inhaler.
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Question by NayNay: How to Plant Tomatoes?
Okay so i’ve been wanting to plant a small garden and i decided to start with tomatoes. The problem is that i don’t know what to do…. I need help from what to buy to how to plant and water it and anything necessary to have healthy organic and delicious tomatoes so please let me know……I need it to be very DETAILED and please DUMB IT down as much as possible cause this is my first time doing it….i want it to be AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE AND VERY UNDERSTANDABLE thanks for your help:
So first tell me what i will have to buy then how to start my tomatoes and then how to keep them healthy and anything else i will need to know

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Answer by Peter M
I understand where you are coming from, but you are asking an awful lot from Yahoo Answerers! You really need to call your county agricultural agent and ask him/her to recommend a good publication that discusses local tomato growing. You also should visit local garden centers/nurseries/garden shops to look at the merchandise and pick the brains of the experts there. Note I use the word “local” a lot – local is important because the folks at Yahoo are world-wide and growing tomatoes is different(very) from place to place. Best of luck to you!

P.S. I already have a dozen cherry tomatoes on my “Sweet 100” plants here in north Texas!

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  1. the best way to start is to go a place that sells starter plants that are already about 5 inches tall.
    And plant those. they only cost about $ 1 each.
    they sell them at wallmart, homedepot, lowes, and garden stores.

  2. First thing I’d advise is plant only indeterminate hybrids, like jet star, big beef, or burpee’s super-steak if you really want them big, Large Red Cherry’s are good if you want them that small, Lemon Boys if you want them yellow, and Pink Girls if you like the Pink. Obtain them anywhere, all these are at least as popular as any varieties sold so you should have no problem getting any of these. De-terminates, or semi De-terminates I’ve never found one I personally can eat, they taste too much like what you buy in the store, the varieties I’ve listed all have Heirloom taste, and produce a lot of tomatoes,, the Large Red Cherry’s are not hybrids but they produce a lot of big cherry tomatoes and taste great. Planting, for each plant, dig a hole at least a foot or more deep, get some good compost put at least one shovel full for every shovel of dirt. Set the Plant in the hole at least beyond the first two starter leaves and if they are still on the plant remove them. There are methods of getting the first tomatoes, by using only one stem, and then making new plants out of any stems cut from the first plant, and you will need advice on how to support these plants as Indeterminates grow up to 12 to 14 feet tall, and if you get some advice from you local horticulture university, they will make your endeavor what you want it too be, I am limited by what your specifications are about the size of your garden, and how much, so this isn’t much but if you want taste and lot’s of tomatoes pick from the ones I recommended.

  3. This site has alot of good tips on tomatoes.

    Hope this will help.

  4. Go to the Nursery and purchase the type of tomato you wish to grow ?
    Till your soil adding some composted Cow Manure,
    if possible make a raised bed, that way it will be high off the ground and deep and lose for the roots to go deep.
    Dig a hole wider then the pot , if it’s a peet pot you peel off the plastic band that comes with it that identifies the company and tomato, you don’t want plastic in the soil, remove the bottom of the peet pot and loosen the root ball place the Tomato plant in the hole well past the the 2 bottom leaves of the plant. make sure the root ball is touching the earth and fill in with remaining soil, now , get some Tomato cages and place over the plant, this is so the plant will grow straight and not fall over. with your spade make a circle around the plant like a basin and fill with water. Add a few sprinkles of Epsom Salts about 15 days after planting,
    If putting in more then one plant, make rows 2 feet by 2 feet apart, this will allow room for growth and make it real easy for you to go around each plant to tend it, and weed it effectively.
    When you water your tomato’s do not wet the leaves just water as indicated in the basin you created
    and do not water late into the evening, the plant should not go to bed wet or you risk desease,slugs etc. that’s pretty much all I have, check with the nursery in your area for additional info. Best of luck

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