cherry tomatoes home grown

cherry tomatoes home grown

hi friends i hate to look and sound like a show off but i had to make this little clip of my cherry tomatoes that are being tended by me on my little fourth …
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Question by catheexbabez: which foods are in the solanaceae family?
i know some of them are tomatoes, potatoes & peppers, but what else?

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Answer by keyscops
The nightshade vegetables- potato, tomato, eggplant and chili pepper.

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  1. hey es what ever one calls them they certainly explode in your mouth with
    the finest of tastes that mother nature treats us with. peace, rich

  2. thanks janet i really kept up with the watering and using the “fox farm big
    bloom” plant food and it really payed of this season. the sun helped.
    peace, rich

  3. Those cherry tomatoes look fantastic!!! I need to try to grow some more
    next season! My last try was an epic fail, but I’m thinking – the tomatoes
    will be worth the effort!!! mmm!

  4. hey laurie it feels good to put a little mother nature in the heart of this
    big concrete city. it is my little oasis. peace, rich

  5. hi, rich! enjoyed the delicious view of those tomatoes. thanks! mar-t

  6. Yes the tomatoes look so beautiful and they are delicious. I bet your You
    Tube friends would like to come over and have some like I did. The tomato
    plants worked out well.

  7. thanks babs you know, i do have a bit of a green thumb. i guess if you show
    some care you will be rewarded in what you attempt. peace, rich

  8. My parents grow a lot of tomatoes, and the previous year we had those
    cherry tomatoes too. It’s wonderful that they looked exactly like yours,
    and were really delicious too!

  9. Bon appetit, rich & dinah!

  10. thanks tp we have the world to thank for the sun all we add is the water.
    peace, rich

  11. thanks colin me and pasta are best of friends and we allow the tomatoes our
    company. peace, rich

  12. I’ve gardened in big pots, too, Rich,..I planted one cherry tom late, and
    then it got abused, missed waterings…so I don’t think I’ll get any lil
    ones, I love them, they are so much sweeter really than regular toms!!!
    maybe next year….It is a wonderful garden and patch of sunshine…:-)

  13. What beautiful looking tomatoes, Rich! (and you know that we here in
    “Jersey” pride ourselves on our “Jersey Tomatoes”! lol! ) You have such a
    green thumb! You really worked your magic on that balcony! Beautiful! Have
    a wonderful weekend, dear friend! Love! <3 Babs

  14. hi my love i love to see that great smile on your face after you have some
    of the tomatoes. much love and peace, rich

  15. Oooh! They do look tasty

  16. Great use of space Rich.I love cherry Tomatoes,especially with pasta and a
    nice drop o’ red.Good weekend to you.

  17. Wow, rich, that Chicago motatoes are looking delicious;) peace TP

  18. hey dan it is a cool view and this weekend is the air and water show just a
    mile away. it will be fun sky watching. peace, rich

  19. thanks

  20. hi ivan there is something about the instant enjoyment when you pop a whole
    cherry tomato in your mouth and it explodes with it’s sweet flavor. peace,

  21. That is a nice plate of tomatoes man!! We got tomatoes too (full size)
    grown from a potted plant on our deck, and they’ve been great. They’re not
    done yet, either, still some green ones on there!. We also got a few nice
    cherry peppers from a potted plant as well. Good on ya Rich!

  22. The tomatoes look delicious.. Indeed it makes one feel good to eat home
    grown food..I am sure you will grow again in next summer too.. A joyful
    video my dear Rich :) Wish you Peace and happiness !! Friend Menu :)

  23. Those Tomatoes look so good Rich! I only got 2 cherry Tomatoes so far. I
    have 3 other Tomato plants growing but no tomatoes yet. Looks like a nice
    view on the Balcony!

  24. thanks joan i don’t want to be greedy but next year i think i will have to
    plant two plants. they are so tasty and easy to enjoy. peace, rich

  25. hey jimmy i get some good exercise every day carrying the water from the
    kitchen to the plants. at least five trips with the big watering tin.
    peace, rich

  26. tomatoes
    sweet and hot peppers
    tabasco sauce

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