Chocolate Pizza Recipe – SORTED

Chocolate Pizza Recipe - SORTED

Everyone has their own favourite topping for a pizza… but who’s considered a sweet option? By stuffing a crust with fresh raspberries, substituting the tomato sauce with a chocolate spread…
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Question by Stacey Thompson: How do I make a tomato sauce for lasagna?
I brought everything else but the sauce and now I’m stuck in the house and only have tomato sauce – Heinz. Can I use that?/

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Answer by →dεαnααα♥
Its a condiment. It will be too sweet.
You can try, but add dried herbs to even the taste. Or garlic.

You can simmer chopped tomatoes if you have them

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  1. Can I finish my pizza in the oven before adding the fruits??

  2. brb building pizza oven

  3. two of our fav things combined!

  4. Will you guys have a mothers day recipe next week?

  5. this is one of the most awesome things ive seen food wise in awhile

  6. Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any more delicious 😉 … I really
    need to try this!!!

  7. You hear that?

    That’s the sound of every pizza and chocolate lover having an orgasm
    simultaneously after watching this

  8. OMG, that’s so delicious :)

  9. The video is very entertaining but recipe itself.. chocolate pizza? O_o
    Also, the crust in pizza should be much thinner.

  10. Barry was on some sort of hallucinogen! LOL

  11. “This is a chocolate and hazelnut spread…”

    SortedFood, avoiding a lawsuit from the makers of Nutella right there :P

  12. so basically it’s nutella spread on a pizza dough. mhmmm not THAT
    innovative. Apart from that i guess i am not the only one who does not have
    an authentic pizza oven which is what would make this recipe actually
    special. i liked the video a lot like i love all your videos but i didn’t
    really *learn* anything from it :/

  13. This should have been an EyeCandy video.

  14. I’m on a diet, you knew about it and did it on purpose, didn’t you? xD

  15. pizza hut in my country sold chocolate pizza on last year’s V’Day

  16. Hold it up to the top of the pizzer oven. xD Gad, I love your guys’

  17. A Splendid Indulgence! Will try it!

  18. I cry a little every time one of the guys say “Ah! smell that!”
    When is the internet going to allow us to smell all the awesome foods that
    Sorted Food makes?!?!
    P.S. Stoked to try and make this one!


  20. I want!!!

  21. I really wanna know how to build that pizza oven. Could Sorted
    pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase do a how to?

  22. this is creative!

  23. Chocolate Pizza! Dream comes true

  24. Those dusty yellow crumbs on pizza are semolina flour? My mind, it has

  25. Could you make something gluten free? Maybe pasta or different type of
    pizza (don’t forget the stuffed crust and extra cheese :D)? That would be

  26. You can, and if you have tomatoes you can chop them and mix them in with it. No need to simmer them because they will cook with the lasagna. When I make lasagna I always follow the no boil instructions on the Mueller’s or Rotelli box–it calls for a jar of spaghetti sauce. If you live near a convenience store they usually have spaghetti sauce or some kind of canned tomatoes you can buy.

  27. How about fresh tomato’s do you have that?
    Dice them or better yet crush in blender.
    Saute with a little oil and your favorite italian seasoning.
    I use an Italian Blend.

  28. yes + herbs n oxo cubes n gravey youl find a balance tht will work x

  29. tomato sauce will work great. add medium onion minced and cooked to clear in a tablespoon of butter. Add spices and herbs to the onions, along with the tomato sauce and half that amount of water. Simmer for about 15 minutes. then use for your lasagna as called for in the recipe.

    Tomato Sauce is just pureed cooked tomatoes. Tomato paste is Sauce cooked down so there is less water in it. It is NOT sweet.

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