Codfish with tomato sauce Recipe

Codfish with tomato sauce Recipe

Check out The way i vlog Codfish with tomatoes sauce Recipe Merluzzo alla Pizzaiola ITALIAN RECIPES Contacts: contatti@paz…
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  1. Maby soup recepit do you know any?

  2. Perfect my friend..looks beautiful

  3. great

  4. Tomatoes + black olives? I like the way you think.

  5. I think I’m going to use the whiting and serve it the way Chef did. Without
    the pasta or rice and I’ll probably use homemade bread to sop up the sauce.

  6. If i put inside marijuana instead of origano what will happen? Will the
    fish start talking? 0.o LoL

  7. Was looking for a recipe for codfish and this came very useful, just going
    to make it in diet-version. Thank you from Italy 😉

  8. yes this is a good idea!

  9. yes she is , 😉

  10. In out-state Missouri it’s sold as whiting also, so when I went to St
    Louis, I was unsure about ordering jack salmon, I don’t like salmon, but,
    of course, it isn’t salmon at all, but whiting. And, you’re right a
    delicious fish when it’s fried.

  11. yesterday computer problems

  12. Ahhh, Ala Nonna…wonderful!

  13. That looks great. This makes my mouth water for some. Another masterpiece.

  14. yum 😉 im about to eat my screen ;p

  15. thanks a lot, grazie mille

  16. Too much oil!!!! But, hey, that’s the way you cook! jeje

  17. Yes I eat it with basmati rice and added some Indian spices like cumin
    chili and turmeric. Remember to debone the fish (:-)

  18. How did you prepare the fish before you made this dish? Just cleaned and
    scaled? Looks like the skin is still on the fish? Just trying to get it
    right. Thanks

  19. Che sembra deliziosa!

  20. Dear friend, Merluzzo is HAKE Cod is Bacalao I love both fine white meat
    fish and would definitely try this with either of them for a great dish!

  21. Your enthusiasm is very addicting

  22. This is the best cooking channel on YouTube, by far, and ‘if you don’t like
    it .. ‘.Like you I love it.

  23. Thanks for more fish recipes ! This looks so delicious and healthy too <3

  24. Looks amazing added it to my recipe book -3

  25. This is excellent no nonsense cooking. A nice video and a nice looking dish.

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