COLD HARDY Wild Tomatoes – Tomatoes That Grow in the Winter!!!

COLD HARDY Wild Tomatoes - Tomatoes That Grow in the Winter!!!

My yellow pear tomatoes already died because of the frost we had and so did one of the galapagos island tomatoes but 2 are still flowering and fruiting. I ho…
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Question by Mark: Do you grow your own tomatoes at your garden?
Living in southern California, gaves me a great opportunity in growing my own herbs and spices.

So I def grow my own tomatoes. Much more delicious then buying them from the grocery store! lol

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Answer by April
Yeah more then one kind! They are way to expensive out here in CT its about 3$ @ LB!

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  1. I emailed you some videos

  2. i cant belivie they are still flowerin bro!!!!

  3. Cool stuff! Have a great one!

  4. What hardiness zone are you in?

  5. for sure!! they would be like perrenial bushes out there by you probally!!!
    a tomato that grows bigger every year!!! that would be awesome!!! take care

  6. You know, i havnt tried the hugelkultur in containers but i did use mulch
    in containers. i went and cut a bunch grass and layed it on the top. i did
    a video on it too. cool idea though. thanks for watching, take care!!

  7. im hoping to do the same. no support, no heavy tomatoes, drought resistant,
    salt resistant, cold hardy!! i think these would grow great up in
    appalachia!! thanks for watching and merry christmas to you and your

  8. nice. I like it

  9. thanks bro, i started growing all of the wierd citrus form seed i have a
    video about them that im posting in a bit. thanks for watching!! take care

  10. thanks bro i will check them out. i want to see what your new ass hole goat
    is doing :)

  11. that pretty cool. these are cheesmanii too!!! i think those are the red
    pear shaped ones that i saw at tradewindsfruit. com. they dont have these
    yellow ones anymore though. i love these tomatoes they are so short and
    tough and they are drought and salt tolerant too. glad to hear your growing
    some different kinds of tomatoes too. take care brother, and merry

  12. Thanks! Btw I suscribed here earlier today. I’m going to have to consider
    these tomatoes.

  13. No kidding.

  14. yeah i dont think they are that cold hardy, lol!! stay warm up there

  15. thats whats crazy about this!! there still flowering after about 3 good
    frost!!! i was thinking about getting those arctic tomatoes. those sound
    real interesting. thanks and take care!!!

  16. It is amazing that they are still blooming even after the frost. I just saw
    your interview on G4T, it was great! You are right on track, keep following
    your heart :) I can only imagine if I had begun creating (or even knew
    about) permaculture or a “food forest” when I was your age what I would
    have by now. It is never to late to start but you have time and wisdom on
    your side. Take care!

  17. I think most tomatoes adapt well to cold weather, probably not in the snow
    though … my tomatoes including heirloom variety are flowering atm 😀

  18. cool can’t wait to start mine!

  19. please do!! i think this is a very unheard of interesting tomatoe that has
    alot of possibilitys!! thanks for the sub!!! take care!!!

  20. That is one I will have to plant on my mountain property. Thanks for the

  21. they taste like really really sweet and yet sour at the same time!!! i
    have never tasted a tomato like them before, ever. im hoping they will make
    it till the summer

  22. save the seeds brutha!! have a good plant there

  23. Very cool plant! I’m hoping to try some hardier types too. Always nice to
    extend the growing season anyway that you can.

  24. How do they taste?

  25. It is amazing how cold tolerant those small tomatoes can be.

  26. no, I here topsy turvy is good..
    One of my friends dad makes some and they sell them.. I ate one, and OMGoodness…..
    It didn’t taste like a veggie, it was sweet, like a fruit!! :)
    Hope you’ve had one, or hope you do have one, it’s the BEST!!

  27. Tomatoes are pretty easy; same with green peppers (maybe jalapenos, too); I’ve even grown potatoes and watermelons, but not great success with those. And corn.

  28. Yes, I agree. They are MUCH better!

  29. The Black Krim hybrid/heirloom its the best in my opinion. They are very sweet and juicy. Very meaty as well. An all around great tomato though the color is strange to get used to.

    Mr. Stripey tomatoes are really.good as well.

  30. i used to grow beefstake tomatoes as well as other veggies when i lived in Pa., but i live in las vegas now and the soil is like sand and it gets too hot here to grow much. :(

  31. My grandmother does 😛

  32. “at” = “in”

    While you are growing your own, how about planting a row of them for the HUNGRY and donating them to your local food bank/pantry? (see link below) There is a special program called, “Plant A Row” for the Hungry. Won’t cost you anything but there will be a LOT of very HAPPY people who would be so delighted to receive your home-grown produce!

    That’ll be 5-cents, please.

  33. Tomatoes r fruits… Lol they r waaayyyy better home grown!!!

  34. I’ve been growing my own tomatoes and fresh herbs for about three years now. I’m looking forward to having “Fried Green Tomatoes” in a few months.

  35. Yes. I also grow my own lettuce, onions, peas, beets, carrots, beans, corn, broccoli, potatoes, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers and pumpkins.

    It’s called ‘gardening’ and people all over the world do it.

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