Converting Solo Cups to Growing Cups

Converting Solo Cups to Growing Cups

We use Solo Cups to plant our tomato sprouts in. But they must have drain holes. This video illustrates how we make drain holes without destroying the cups.
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Question by Swampmoth: Do the Topsy Turveys hanging tomato gardens really work?
I tried it using a coconut hanging basket to grow tomato plants upside down from a pergola. This did not work well and was wondering if this product worked or have you tried it? I’m having difficulty in growing tomatoes in Florida.

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Answer by Bandett
vegitables wont grow in my florida soil, so i grow in containers with store bought soil. tomatoes do fine in large pots. A coconut would be way to small. heres some upside down growing sites..

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  1. This was a good laugh. Thanks´╗┐

  2. Why not just use a large drill bit and drill through all of them in 3

  3. My brother had success using a 2 liter soda bottle and regualar potting soil

  4. hanging planter in a 2-litter bottle? sounds interesting. do tell!

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