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Question by kellanne: how many tomatoes should i use?
I have a recipe for pasta salad that calls for a large tomato, but instead I am going to use grape tomatoes. How many should I use?

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Answer by Emma
10 or 15
cut them in half

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  1. Keep making videos like this, I loved it!

  2. The same and tone up, and I just eat well during the week and then have
    whatever I fancy on a weekend) but I just feel so good you know? it’s funny
    how just losing weight does that, I feel like i’m back in my old body you
    know? xx

  3. It’s a rented house doll, it’s not my taste too.

  4. looks delicious :)

  5. I’m going to try this. Thank you! I need to start making better food
    choices again. Something i find is that garlic is best thrown in with other
    ingredients just for a few minutes at the end rather than throughout the
    whole process. About 3-5 minutes on a med low height is just enough to take
    the edge off but prevents it from over cooking and becoming bitter.

  6. this was great…nice, simple and good :-) looking forward to the cake :-)

  7. Waiting for the cake!!!!!

  8. I don’t get why you would stay subbed if you feel the need to click dislike
    but some people just like doing it lol anyway, so glad you liked it!

  9. sounds really delicous =) i really like this video!

  10. Will be up tonight :)

  11. try it with basil. i make similar dishes to this and a friend told me to
    use basil, completely compliments it x

  12. Anxiously waiting for the chocolate cake recipe….. :-)

  13. mmmm love fresh basil! I make a very similar dish but use aubergine, i chop
    it into chips, salt, then warp in a towel for 45 mins to dry out. then fry
    with tinned tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic and have with pasta. saw it on
    saturday kitchen years ago and so yum. think they used mozzarella too but i
    hate cheese. love pasta dishes, people assume carbs are bad but i lost 2
    stone eating pasta 4 nights a week. love the video x

  14. Who disliked this?! It looks really good and I love healthy meals that are
    simple and quick. I also like how you only made a small portion, since I
    don’t always like leftovers (unless it’s soup or something). Thumbs up on
    your new cooking mini series

  15. Really enjoyed this video. I think I might make this for my dinner tonight.
    :) you should do more videos like this.

  16. That sounds lovely! I love aubergine but never tend to get it, it’s gr8 for
    me as i’m veggie too and it fills you up,must try it! I don’t love pasta
    that much, I have it every now and then, maybe once a week but I could not
    live with out carbs I just adore them. I i’m not trying to lose any more
    weight now, i’m back to me old weight and since working out i’m actually
    much smaller in terms of size (my hips are down to 86cm and all my “skinny”
    jeans are loose on me! it’s fab) I just want to stay

  17. you should do more of these videos:) really enjyoed it xxx

  18. looking forward to ur cake recipie nice to see you doing different kind of
    things like cooking. Although I’m not sure your kitchen is to my taste but
    I love you so hey ho its just a kitchen. xxx

  19. these videos are great! i like anything food/health related :)

  20. How tall are you?:) Just wondering

  21. Love this! The title is fab ! :))

  22. cant wait to try it out :)

  23. I do, but only fresh basil and I was out :)

  24. I think she said she’s 5’1″ and a half. :)

  25. thank you my dear! looks delicious. Would love to see more healthy recipe
    videos :)

  26. About 10 cut in half or quarters should be good.

  27. 4

  28. Cut your tomatoes in half and put them in a measuring cup. When it looks like a large tomato, stop. You probably couldn’t put too many in anyway…when it looks like the amount of tomato you like, that’s enough.

  29. Imagine a large tomato in your hand… now use the same amount of grape tomatoes.

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