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Crab Salad with Cucumber and Tomato - Pintastic Recipes

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Question by Skylamar: Should I refrigerate tomatoes?
Hi. I have a question about refrigerating tomatoes. I just bought a huge container of grape tomatoes from Costco. I use them in salads. However, I don’t know whether to put them in the refrigerator or leave them out.

The reason I am confused is that, in the past, I have purchased much smaller containers of grape tomatoes. I put them in the refrigerator but after a number of days, the skin on the tomatoes becomes wrinkled, making the tomatoes much less enjoyable to eat.

I’m worried that if I put the Costco tomatoes in the fridge, they will get wrinkled before I have a chance to eat most of them, therefore wasting them. But if I leave them out I’m concerned that they will go bad more quickly.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by adanna
put them n the fridge. if u leave them out, they will rot quicker. if they do become wrinkled, simply run water over them or soak them b/c they will absorb the water. the only time u should ever leave out tomatoes is if they rn’t ripe.

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  1. NEW EPISODE! This week, we test a Crab Salad recipe from Check it out!

  2. Great idea for a channel guys, found you cuz you liked a photo on
    instagram. haha. Keep it up!

  3. NEW EPISODE! This week, we test a Crab Salad recipe from Check it out!

  4. Advice from the University of California Division of Agriculture:

    If purchased from a retail outlet, most ripe tomatoes retain best eating quality for 2
    to 3 days if stored at room temperature. Store fruit away from direct sunlight with
    the stem scar (Figure 2) facing up to reduce softening and darkening of the fruit.
    You can hold underripe tomatoes from a retail outlet for as long as 5 days. For
    short-term storage, it is best to keep the tomatoes in a well-vented ripening dome
    or a paper bag at the coolest room temperature possible. Be sure to keep the fruit
    out of direct sunlight as it will warm the fruit and cause more rapid softening.
    Many tomato varieties have been bred to enhance traits that extend the fruit’s
    storage life, including some large-fruited “vine-ripe” types, cluster tomatoes, and
    many cherry and Roma types. They may be held at room temperature for up to 5
    Refrigeration is not usually recommended for fresh tomatoes as it can cause
    flavor loss. You can, however, delay softening of “just-ripe” tomatoes by holding
    them for a short time in refrigerated storage. Flavor loss will be minimal if cold
    storage lasts less than 3 days. If you need to refrigerate tomatoes, place them in the
    crisper section in their plastic clamshell container (if that is how they were packaged
    in the store), a paper bag, or a plastic bag with a few slits, to reduce water
    loss. This is most important for cherry and grape tomatoes. Excessive water loss is
    first noticeable as wrinkling or puckering of the fruit’s skin. It is best to remove the
    fruit from the refrigerator 1 hour before eating to help it regain some of its original

  5. I wondered about that myself. I bought a container of small tomatoes (cherry) and it said specifically on the container “Do not refrigerate”. Here’s the online explanation:

    “Refrigeration is the enemy of the tomato as it nullifies flavor and turns the flesh mealy. The culprit is a compound called Z-3 hexenel, which accounts for the tomato’s scent and taste. The development process which turns tomato’s linolenic acid to the Z-3 that makes our mouth and nose sing is hindered by cold. If you must refrigerate a tomato, take it out about an hour before using it to let it return to room temperature to revive any lurking Z-3.”

  6. Sure

  7. Refrigerate them so they will last longer. I’m not a believer in the “it’s bad to refrigerate tomatoes,” myth.

  8. I have put mine in the fridge to make them last longer

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