Cuisinart Simple Tomato Sauce Recipe Video

Cuisinart Simple Tomato Sauce Recipe Video

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Question by Bucky: Recipes made with home canned tomatoes?
Looking for any suggestions or recipes where I can use my home canned tomatoes. Done Chili and goulash. Looking for other ideas. Always open to a good soup or any other ideas.
Thank you

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Answer by lilginny
My grandmother used to make what she called macaroni stew.
It was macaroni noodles cooked with canned tomatoes that you crush and then a can of tomato sauce season with salt and pepper to your taste, and then cube some muenster cheese and put in and allow the cheese to melt and serve. My children love this.

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  1. Canned tomatoes are always a staple for homemade spaghetti sauce. With tomato paste and seasonings it is delicious. Add them to stew, pot roast, and salsa.

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