Dead Cherry Tomato

Dead Cherry Tomato

Another last minute change in plans.
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Question by appleman: Tomato plants grow 8 ft high in 90 days?
I bought 3 plants that are supposed to provide hundreds of pounds of tomatoes per year. Anyone else have them. I planted mine last week and already they have tripled in size.

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Answer by snowman
Be aware that plant growth stunts tomato growth.If all the plants energy is focused on growth the tomato crop will be minimal.I cut mine back to 3 feet max for the most tomato’s.My cherry tomato’s get 8 to 9 feet tall every year so it is possible.

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  3. You may not want them to grow that high.
    Prune them back to 4 ft of so, & stake.
    You’ll also need cages to support the fruit.

  4. Hmmm, unless your plants were especially small, 3x in one week may indicate some other factor such as over fertilization with nitrogen or application of gibberelic acid. (spelling looks funny…..hmm) Anyway, for a plant to grow 8 feet high, it is an indeterminate tomato, that is it continues growing while it sets fruit. Determinate grow to a certain height, stop growing and then set fruit.

    8 feet tall huh? Have you figured out how you are going to support it? Of course you’ll have to pinch off the side suckers to get it to reach that size.

    OK back to the fertilizer and gibberellin……..excess nitrogen promotes grow at the expense of flowering and fruiting. A plant will initially grow leaves and roots to sustain the plant. When the plant begins producing excess carbohydrates, it will start producing hormones that promote flowering and fruiting. The nitrogen level would be naturally dropping in the soil. If however excess nitrogen were to be applied, the plant would not develop those flowering hormones……it would remain in overdrive, producing leaves. Fine for grass, bad for tomatoes.

    Then there’s the gibberellin……it’s another plant growth hormone. This one tells the individual cells how large they are to be at maturity. However we sneaky horticuturist isolated this hormone and use it to produce plants that are oversized, like Easter lilies. The individual cells stretch more than they should before stopping growth. Fine for flowers but in vegetables the over stretched plant’s cells are not filled with flavor producing material, but rather just excess water. So the tomato would be huge but lacking flavor. It’s the ratio of flavor molecules to water in each cell that gives you the intense flavor…….example, raisins, dried cranberries, dry tomatoes.

    So back to your 8 foot tomato…….if you have given it an excellent soil, lots of compost, deep soil, plenty of water, full sun, are diligent about plucking off some of those suckers……….and have one heck of a support system, you should easily have an 8 foot tomato in 90 days. I can’t guarantee when it will start producing tomatoes as that depends on the variety and your growing climate.

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