Deck Tomato Growing

Deck Tomato Growing

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Question by Irishrobert225: Tomato plant yellow spots.?
My wife is trying to grow tomatoes for the first time and I don’t want her to be discouraged. Her tomato plants are getting yellow spots on the leaves. Maybe some one can give me some advice that I can pass along.

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Answer by styrckt
don’t water, or let water splash onto the plant it’s self, cut the bottom branches so no leaves are contacting the ground.

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  1. blight ?

  2. Leaves speckled with yellow dots, fine webbing on leaves…Most likely spider mites. Spray them off with a strong stream of water from the garden hose, or use insecticidal soap, I do this:Combine 1 tablespoon baking soda and either 2 tablespoons horticultural oil or a few drops of dishwashing liquid detergent with 1 gallon of water. Mix as thoroughly as possible, and try to spray both sides of the leaves once a week. The liquid detergent helps the baking soda stick to the leaves. Reapply after a rainstorm. This is just for the leaves, but also use an insectiside to get rid of the mites, I hope this helps your tomatoes though!

  3. You have leaf blight. Row water tomatoes don’t use a sprinkler on them. Remove the worst branches by pinching them off with your finger. Apply some fungicide labled for tomatoes. You can get some organic fungicides. Tomatoes need calcium so apply bone meal to the soil or milk. I use egg shell but you have to be careful with them during the growing season. I rinse them well with water then let them dry for at least a week. This is to prevent salmonella. You can get a commercial tomato fertilzer mix that already contains the nutrients tomatoes need. Stake your tomatoes as they grow. Use old pantyhose to tie them. The pantyhose will create static electricity and will cause the tomatoes to bloom and set more fruit.

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