Dutasia @ Red Tomato Part 2

Dutasia @ Red Tomato Part 2

Perkusi Dutasia mengisi acara pada launching Red Tomato Express di tanah Abang.
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Question by Annastasia C: something’s eating my tomatoes?
I’m not sure what it is but I’m sure it’s a bug because the holes are small but it never fails if the tomato is red it’s eaten, I started picking them orange but now all my orange ones are eaten, I am now picking them as they are turning orange and I am noticing that half of those are being eaten. Should I pick them all green and let them mature on the counter??

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Answer by robnrobn2000
go to your local garden center and buy some 10 dust and follow directions. No more bugs!

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  1. It could be blight… My uncle’s and my sister’s boyfriend’s tomatoes have died of blight.
    Here’s some links-
    ‘what to do’


  2. These are not bugs. There is a caterpillar called Hornworm, that will eat the leaves, but your tomatoes are violated by birds. They pick the fruit to get the seeds. Your best bet is to let them to ripe on the counter or cover them with a tight net…or grow them, in a green house. Good luck!

  3. check your plants for green looking worms they wiil eat your tomatoe plant to the ground

  4. It may actually be voles. They like to take one little bite (about 1/4″) off a tomato and go on to the next one. You can either pick them when they’ve started to turn (if you pick them while they’re still completely green, they won’t ripen), or you can put out coyote urine, of all things. You can buy it at many garden centers. They have little plastic vials that you put it in and hang them around your garden. The stuff smells terrible, so don’t fill them in the house, but any animal that’s prey to coyotes will avoid it.

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