Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes – Lessons Learned and a New Crop

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes - Lessons Learned and a New Crop

It’s time to start a new crop of hydroponic tomatoes in the dutch buckets. But first, I need to look back at what was learned from the last crop. I noticed a…
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  1. can you use an insulated cooler for your resevoir? 

  2. Out of all of the how to videos here on Youtube, I got the most out of

  3. or if you have a giant greenhouse that is barely filled.

  4. Hey got a question about your over grown plant. Is there anything you could
    do to keep it from growing too big? Could you just trim it? I’m thinking of
    setting something like this up in my basement, so I’d like to keep them
    small. What is your input on that? Thank you.

  5. Very Good, i like this

  6. Wow, first of all thank you for your time and videos!!! You’re a genius!

    I really want to have a “green thumb” but I just can’t seem to get anything
    to grow, and I mean ANYTHING. I would love some help. Here’s what I’m doing
    and these are tomatoes.

    I start them out in rapid rooters in an enclosed “seedling starter” which
    has a humidity dome. I wait until they sprout up and continue to use
    nothing but RO water on them until I see the first set of leafs form and
    the seedling case drop. After that I move them over to a drip bucket much
    like what you are using here but they are stand-alone and I put 3 started
    seedlings in each one. I mix up a 3 part mix of Cutting Edge’s nutrients
    and I do 50% of what it says for seedlings which ends up being around
    550-600ppm. I watch the PH and ppms everyday and note them down in a log.
    The plants seem to do just fine until they are about 4-5″ tall at which
    point they start to die. It’s at this point I absolutely fail and cannot
    get them to grow. The PH all of a sudden become unstable and if I chase it
    then it just continues to go down. I can set it to 6 today and tomorrow it
    is 4.2 or something super low. I have tried raising up the ppm and keeping
    up with the PH but the PH up seems to do more damage than good. If I just
    leave them alone and do not adjust anything they seem to grow better. Can
    you give me some insight and some suggestions on how to get past this
    stage? Is there a book or something you read that you learned on?

    I feel dumb for even asking because everyone else seems to be doing
    fine!!! What the heck am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Thanks for your
    time and help!

  7. Your videos are very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  8. didn’t have time for black spray paint, but had time to wrap buckets in
    black plastic…. hmmmm.

  9. I don’t understand why you are using PVC for your return. PVC has to be the
    most toxic pipe made on the planet! Loaded with lead, arsenic, vinyl
    chlorides and more! The poisons in PVC doesn’t justify the results. But
    hey, to each his own!

  10. what if chemicals leech from the plastic of the buckets and into the water,
    wouldnt that poision the plant and in turn poison the food you are eating?

  11. how do you solve the problem of the tomatoes splitting from over watering

  12. I am about to go aquaphonic here in zone 6 and very much liked the
    information you provide..best vedio ever….best of luck & keep on
    growin…your system is sooo neet and clean

  13. Hi MPH Garderner, I love your videos and try to keep pace with them. I’m in
    India and am trying a Hydroponic set-up for lettuce on my terrace. some of
    the iceberg and pok choy are doing great, I’m not very happy with the
    arugula though. Do you have a few tips for me?

  14. can a plant that you start in Hydroponic bucket system, be planted on the

  15. Which tomato variety has work the best for you. 

  16. The most difficult is the quality of the nutrient. The water is very
    difficult to get. Is there an easy way to get that perfect water ?

  17. why wrap with black plastic?

  18. Hi. i work in a hydroponic farm, we grow herbs and lettuce only here.now i
    want to try tomatoes this time, can you please suggest me the nutrient
    composition, it will be great help for me. thanks..

  19. Your a great teacher, nice logic. Thanks

  20. How did you root the Tomato suckers?


  22. thank you gentle man

  23. as far as reuse of media. the Ag Researchers i work for reccomend
    autoclaving. But for the rest of us, If you boil the crap outta it any
    pathogens that may be hiding in there will die. So most of the time you
    dont have pathogens so its no problem but to be careful boiling or
    otherwise is to make sure

  24. this work´s whitout extra airiation for the Nutrient reservoir? it´s the
    first time i see a system like that. Thumb up

  25. Thank you very much. You give me hope for humanity. What you do is good.

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