Easy Fresh Tomato Soup | Cooking with HoneyColoured

Easy Fresh Tomato Soup | Cooking with HoneyColoured

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Question by shay: Searching for soup recipe with whole corn tortillas?
I was in a mexican restaurant in Santa Fe and had a very delicious soup. It was a creamy white/yellowish – not a tomato base, cheesy, and had whole corn tortillas – not shredded. The name of it was in Spanish and the menu mentioned it being a local recipe. Anyone know what recipe this is??

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Answer by nakeisha d
Look on “Foodnetwork.com”

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  1. There are a lot of recipes on foodnetwork.com, and there are quite a few that are not tomato based. Most do have the tortilla strips, but you could always use whole ones instead. I had a chicken flavored one that was creamy at Texas Roadhouse and it was delicious!
    There are also a few on copykat.com. Hope you find what you want!

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