Easy Indian Recipes – Indian Style Chicken Soup

Easy Indian Recipes - Indian Style Chicken Soup

For full recipe go here: http://www.namakmirchmasala.com/easy-indian-recipes/chicken-soup.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. this is full of fat and spices. not good for health purpose. plz tell some
    chicken soup recipes with low fat and calories.

  2. 5 hours?!?

  3. wow this looks amazing, i’m gonna make this today cause it’s getting cold

    I liked everything except one thing sister

    corn oil?? don’t use corn oil, it’s actually very terrible. and it’s not
    indian either, Indians have so much healthier oils like sesame and stuff,
    just saying, there’s a lot better oils you could use

  4. good recipe, I will definitely try it.

    I saw few comments asking the video to be in Hindi..and I loled 😀 these
    guys are writing those comments in English, means they very well understand
    english. So why these comments. Even if it was in Hebrew (I dont understand
    Hebrew), I would follow the recipe because the video is pretty clear. Good

  5. What type of chicken is needed for this preparation ??? Broyler or Local
    chicken ????

  6. I like this

  7. Hey,many thanx for this wonderful recipe :)

  8. Great recipe. It’s a blessings to have a nice hot bowl of soup in freezing

  9. looks yummy :-) will be trying this:-)))

  10. not need to use oil

  11. Sure. Do you want this recipe in Hindi? I can make Hindi version if that’s
    what people want.

  12. if it was in hindi, how can the rest of the world understand and use the


  14. sala khulta hi nai

  15. You’re welcome. =)

  16. I love Indian food thanks for sharing this recipe! Love and Peace x

  17. You can cook it on the stove but it’ll cook faster so watch out for that.
    My guess is it should cook in a little over 1.5 hours. Do use more water
    though because it’ll evaporate.

  18. i love chicken and your recipe toooo…

  19. It’s just called Chicken Soup. My mom created it herself using traditional
    Indian spices.

  20. what is the actual name for the soup?

  21. Yep. Mein Indian hi hu. =)

  22. Seems good to me Thanks Namak Mirch Masala and you have sweet voice thats
    make dish more yummy

  23. i dint have a cooker what you used then what to so ?

  24. subtitles will do just as fine!! suggestion…marinate the chicken and then
    fry it….use chicken stock for stronger flavour…PEPPER POWDER!

  25. Indian style chicken soup should be in Hindi language not in US accent…

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