Eating a cherry tomato

Eating a cherry tomato

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Question by mickeys momma: how tall can you make a tomato plant grow?
i mean if you keep new branches tied up and i am thinking more like a cherry tomato plant? would it produce any more or less being spread out like that? it would be able to get more sun so that should help right?
Do they produce more when they get that large and are the tomatoes still flavorfull? I am just worried about having them loose quality because they have the came amount of water but a larger plant to feed?

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Answer by pcbeachrat
I have had my “mister stripey” variety grow over 15 feet tall on my arbor out in the veggy garden…Indeterminate tomatoes can grow exceptionally tall and actually vine out on a trellis..these tomatoes in my garden where tied off with strings..this was “midseason” and the top of the frame here is 8 feet tall..I had to cut these off at the top eventually..
trimmed back and thick

These are a couple of my Mr stripey’ grew completely up my arbor and over the top of it..

Heres some of my “free standing” tomatoes..these plants were 6 feet tall and this was mid season..I had to trim off a couple feet eventually later on

six footer maters

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  1. in general, it is better for your tomato plants to be short and stocky than long and lanky (except for heirloom varieties like the post above mentioned, those get huge). so I wouldn’t say I would necessarily try to encourage them to get really tall with fertilizer or pruning.

    Most of the cherry tomato varieties I have ever planted have produced a huge amount of fruit without much problem. If you are trying to get a whole bunch for something like canning, you will just want to plant more than one. The varieties I have tried are “super sweet 100,” and “sweet million,” but you can ask the folks at your garden center what does best in your area. Also try grape tomatoes b/c they have amazing flavor.

  2. For the best taste and large yeld its best to pinch the top after it gets abot 6 ft tall….that what i do in my greenhouse….

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