Extreme Tomato Pruning – Something Had to be Done

Extreme Tomato Pruning - Something Had to be Done

I was having a serious problem with Leaf Mold on my tomatoes. The foliage was just too thick for me to get good coverage by spraying a fungicide. I remembere…
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  1. What are all if those buckets? Do you have a video about how you set up
    your garden?

  2. You’re no expert? That makes two of us ! LOL I do the same type of pruning
    at the bottom, and it helps. I did it in this case. But, once the mold
    started, it spread pretty fast. Not quite as fast as blight outside, but it
    wasn’t slowing down.

  3. correct me if im wrong but if you plant hybrid plants next to open
    pollinated wouldent thay cross pollinate and boath plants produce hybrids?

  4. With the heat, I had to keep things opened up. Really no way possible to
    drop the humidity during that bad stretch of weather. It’s doing much
    better now. Thanks.

  5. they can take a lickin and keep on tickin, lol ;)-

  6. Hehe… they’re nice and red now. Gonna be picking a bunch of them this

  7. Thanks bro. We’ll be eating plenty of mater sandwiches.

  8. Hey Bobby great video as usual. what temp do u try to keep in the
    greenhouse in the winter time ? I have a high tunnel for in ground farming
    and have some tomatoes producing now and although our south Louisiana
    weather is milder than yours, we have had some cooler than normal temps.I
    am also trying to find a video of yours i previously viewed where u talked
    about some pepper plants in improved soil where the white fly didnt like to
    stay. Do you remember the one im talking about?

  9. Next time just use a pump up sprayer with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to 1
    gal of water. Use it as a foliar spray. A friend of mine uses it in the
    misters in his green house and he no longer has any mold issues.

  10. For sure, they came back great. We’ll be picking the first ones next week.

  11. That would be awesome. I’m sure you’d really enjoy greenhouse growing. I
    hope it works out for you soon. Thanks. :)

  12. After this deal, I bought some varieties that are resistant to Leaf Mold. I
    had never dealt with it before, so I was unprepared. I didn’t know to take
    preventative measures. This was a valuable lesson.

  13. They look like my cherry tomatoe plants I had. Those poor things had hardly
    any leaves. And yes, they were outside in the Fl sun. But, I still got
    plenty off of them.

  14. There is a woman here in my hometown who does this every year and she has
    some awesome tomatoes.. Next year I am going to give it a try!

  15. I know you can’t control humidity outside .Maybe a basement type
    dehumidifier would help in fall GH ?Your way looks like it’s doing the
    trick though. Good job.SeeYa.

  16. Having a healthy plant gives you options. It can withstand some abuse
    whereas a weaker one would just give up. This is a different crop than what
    I had early in the year. But yes, they were planted in trenches. With only
    about 8 inches of decent soil, I can’t do any deep planting. Thanks.

  17. Meat Loaf ya say? Hmmm… Two outta Three Ain’t Bad !

  18. Looks like photo synthesis would happen in the tomato it self too. what is
    OP? sounds like original plant or other peoples I dont know?

  19. I think we’re on the same page. OP’s are mandatory. But as long as the high
    quality hybrids are available, it makes sense to use them too. There are a
    few tomato varieties that are resistant to Leaf Mold. I found that out,
    after the fact. This has been a good lesson for me. I’ll know next time
    what to look for. Thanks Tim.

  20. Wow, Thanks for the great reply. How would you compare celebrity or early
    girl to those? Better or worse? Thanks again, Garden Frugal

  21. My neighbor did this and ne had tomatoes galore. The big neef is a good
    tomatoe but I dont like it being a hybird. I’m just planting all heirloom.
    If you want a heirloom thats as good as the big beef try planting the
    heirloom brandywine tomato it has leaves that are similar to a potate leaf.
    Very good all around indetermint tomato. It really produce4s real good
    tomatoes inti frost.

  22. Bobby even with the huge amount of leaves you cut off you still have some
    of the most beautiful tomato plants I have ever seen. I also want you to
    know that after watching your videos I have started an extremely small
    hydroponics and if the test works well I will upgrade. I am doing it in my
    basement though and have little real sunlight coming in, so I am using grow

  23. If you got rid of the mites that fast, you did good. Those little guys are
    sneaky. Plants are tough, a lot tougher than we think. Sometimes cutting
    them way back makes them much healthier and stronger. It’s good to hear
    that yours have perked up.

  24. I wonder if I’m becoming dyslexic? I was reading your description where you
    outline the problem you’re having with leaf mold on your tomatoes, but my
    mind took it in as “meat loaf” of your tomatoes. I thought, “oh, Bobby is
    doing cooking videos now”. LOL Glad the heavy haircut worked out so well
    for ya! :)

  25. Hey Bobby – I’m really interested in your experiment with the Big Beef
    hybrid next to the Big Beef OP. I saw that tomatofest offered the OP
    version and was thinking about purchasing some myself. This was my first
    year growing Big Beef and I must say I was really impressed too. By the
    way, I love your greenhouse… You’re gardening knowledge has truly been an
    inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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