Feeding and Watering My Tomatoes

Feeding and Watering My Tomatoes

This is how I’ve been feeding and watering my tomatoes. It has worked out pretty well. But, don’t take my word for it. Before applying any new method, always…
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Question by Striper: Planting Tomatoes?
If I plant F2 seedling tomato vines, how likely is it that they will bear fruit ?

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Answer by sciencegravy
Actually fairly likely. It’s just that the flavor, size and quality of the fruit will be unknown. Might be great, might be ‘meh’.

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  1. Question- I have a south facing lanai (patio) I have planted in a container
    patio Princess. (Cherry tomato) anything similar to this or wven a tad bit
    bigger lanai is not big so needs to be fairly small. Everything will be in
    containers .

    Ps love the channel bobby , hope to hear from you soon.

    -God Bless

  2. Dang it!! Because I didn’t have the time to learn how to make the tea I had
    to get the store bought ugh!!!

  3. the suckers that you have transplanted. will they get as big as the plants
    they come off of?

  4. I like your passion with Tea mix, trying different ideas well done!

  5. you had me till the miracle grow

  6. Please don’t use Miracle Grow. I’m pretty sure that comes from Scott’s
    which is owned by Monsanto. These are the mega corporations that are
    destroying agriculture all over the world.

  7. Do you have to use miracle grow? 

  8. thanks, just trying to go 100% organic. 

  9. Great video, good job .

  10. Your videos are really helpful. I have watched at least 2 dozen. It seems
    you try many different approaches. Do you have a current favorite
    commercial fertilizer?

  11. No, thank you. Your videos are inspiring. The one thing maybe you have some
    advice on is lack of sun. I have a limited space in my backyard, that gets
    filtered sun almost all day, and then about two hours of direct sun late
    afternoon. I love growing tomatos, but I know they need more sun than they
    get. They are producing fruit, but not the amount that I know they could.

  12. @mmlrc6atgmailcom Accent ? What accent ? lol…thx !

  13. love your video …where do you get your seeds….. I need some good ones
    thanks so much

  14. ilikethisvhieoithankyou

  15. Suggestion- Set that 5gal bucket on that upper shelf and use a section of
    hose to siphon it down into your sprayer.

  16. I was using that to get magnesium to the plants. Its actually magnesium
    sulfate. Thx.

  17. It’s been awhile, but I think I was using about 1/2 tsp or so, then
    watering it in real good.

  18. Thanks for the informative video. What do you use for your compost strainer

  19. @mhpgardener LOL i would just move them over a peg. He bought me a set of
    power tools. He hid the skill saw though.

  20. what size are those grow bags? Great videos and keep it up. God bless

  21. I think Bobby has pretty good success growing tomatoes, whatever he’s

  22. Who was the other person you mentioned that said to put a ‘whole bunch of
    other things in’ the compost tea? Thanks for all your videos :)

  23. Thanks for the prompt reply! I will have to upload a video of my tomatoes,
    I’m a young gardener in Australia and fellow believer. Appreciate the
    videos :)

  24. Before you said you grow organically, and you used miracle gro in this
    video, so did you switch to organic later after this video?Great looking

  25. @apaulanarius If your talking about what I use for the tea, its just one
    gallon paint strainers. Pretty cheap, and fairly durable. Most any hardware
    store will have them.

  26. Almost 100% likely that the plants will bear fruit but you will likely get different shapes, colors and sizes from plant to plant. I have done this many times and I have gotten up to 10 different kinds of tomatoes from such experiments

  27. They may or they may not depending on the hybrid’s parentage. The parents of some hybrids are bred to be sterile and this gene can be passed on via the hybrid to the next generation so a percentage of seeds saved from the F1 hybrid will bear no fruit.

    If this is not the case then the F2 can grow and be viable but the fruits will not be predictable and the plants may not have disease resistance, as the F2 will always revert to earlier pre-hybrid tomatoes that were cross pollinated to create the F1 hybrid with its special traits. The fruits of F2 will be different shapes, colours and flavours. This is why they tell you to root out any seedlings that appear the following year, but if you want to give it a go why not? Just be prepared that you won’t know what you are getting and it may not be disease resistant.

  28. Good chance it will grow. vines produce plentiful with good soil

  29. Fruit is not the problem, it is the quality of the fruit.

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