Foliar Spraying: Stopping Tomato Fungal Diseases with Baking Soda – The Rusted Garden 2013

Foliar Spraying: Stopping Tomato Fungal Diseases with Baking Soda - The Rusted Garden 2013

Tomatoes get diseases like leaf spot and blights. Baking soda changes the Ph level on tomato leaves and can help prevent these diseases from establishing on …
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Question by Steve: about hanging tomato plants?
what chain stores handle hanging tomato plants like “Topsy-Turvy”??

Best answer:

Answer by lovelylady
Wal-Mart, and I’ve also seen them at the As Seen On TV store in the mall…

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  1. Baking powder is different. It is best to use baking soda. 

  2. Baking Soda Spray for Tomato Diseases

    Preventing Tomato Diseases with Baking Soda
    (Leaf Spot and Blight Diseases)

    Baking Soda Spray Recipe and Directions

    1-2 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water
    Remember to test spray your leaves first
    Be aware of temperature and sun intensity
    Spray after each heavy rain or at least 1x weekly
    The spray interrupts spore reproduction

    To treat your tomatoes, all you do is quickly soak the top and undersides
    of the leaves. The video covers this information and demonstrates how to
    spray your tomatoes.

  3. .

  4. You address, specifically, leaf spot (septoria?). Will this baking soda
    technique apply to fusarium/verticillium wilts.

  5. The proper word is “preventive,” Not “preventative…….

  6. I had to share with you that it works; I’ll watch the dilution as the
    weather heats up.
    Our last crop was destroyed by leaf spot… it spread so fast it was
    amazing. We had to clear the bed.
    All recommendations were to not plant tomatoes back in that (raised) bed
    for a whole season. But I’m so impatient.
    The regular applications of your baking soda solution is working so far.
    Now I’ll have to try the calcium / vinegar / Epsom salt mixture to ensure a
    healthy fruit. Thanks again!

  7. sir gary pliarchik
    can i use baking poweder

  8. Could the Aspirin spray or baking soda mix spray tolerable to birds,
    because i have quite a few birds nesting on our roofdeck where these plants
    I wish to re-plan this year?

  9. i dont know about this but bayer neem oil will repel any insect or mold n
    if u can then lower the temp an no problems should come up..and its cheaper
    then buying baking soda soap vegitable oil and waisting water…neem oil me

  10. Thanks. I hope you never need it for a fungus.

  11. 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 gallon of water.

  12. Is that pine bark mulch you have in the bucket?

  13. Thanks. Ill look into it for a tool.

  14. Great tip!

  15. Gary, do you have ways to get rid of aphids? If so, can you make a video
    for it? Aphids are taking over my Yellow Pear tomatoes. We tried smashing
    them, spraying them with water, and used some home remedies we found on
    Google, Nothing seems to work properly, they doubled within a day or two. I
    am afraid that my tomato plant will die soon either from the aphids or from
    the spaying and remedies we are doing to it.

  16. Thanks. It’s hard to pull them because all the time we’ve spent on them.
    It’s sad! I won’t see it grow and eat it’s fruit. :(. Thanks now I know
    what not to do next yr. I have to wait until June to plant outside instead
    of mid may . We get a lot of rain and cold night in the pacfic northwest!

  17. Can I combine my aspirin mixture to the baking soda at the same time??

  18. Yep it is. But if you replace them they will sprout quickly and good news
    will come July.

  19. There is research that it works on other vegetables, as I continue to
    research it. I have NOT tried it on anything else so I have no experience.
    But I will write a blog entry this summer on the plants research says it
    works on. Generally it is a matter of the plant or veggie having a SAR
    response that is receptors that are triggered by the salicylic acid.

  20. I mix it up. Usually 50% peatmoss and 50% of something else. Some garden
    soil. The key is lots of organic matter to hold the water.

  21. great video, thanks

  22. baking soda raises PH not lower

  23. search soapy spray or aphids on my channel. I think I have one. If not
    soapy water spray works great for soft bodied insects like aphids. Just
    douse them with it and they will day off within a day. Soapy water cause
    them to dehydrate quickly.

  24. Part of it is knowing what diseases come in your area. So leaf spot comes
    around now when it is cooler and rainy. I am only spraying daily here
    because the rain is falling daily. Typically, I spray 1x a week. I have a
    gallon container of just baking soda spray. I use that April, May, most of
    June and switch to wettable sulphur for July and August. So if you apply
    and it rains, you should apply again. I spray a little more often at 1x
    weekly as to make sure it is used as a preventative.

  25. Would this work on peppers?

  26. walgreen has them too

  27. I saw them at WalMart

  28. I think I see them everywhere now. Maybe not topsy turvy but a generic. Go anywhere there is a garden center!

  29. I see them at Ross, Target, Walgreen’s, Home Depot, almost everywhere. In my opinion though, those Topsy Turvy’s are a scam

    Just as cheap as the Topsey Turvy. Two tomatoes per 18 gallon rubbermaid container. The photo was taken back in April, and they are going on 4′ tall now. I have about 20 tomatoes about to turn red… I am in NC, and we have actually had a great year and no late frosts, so they have did very well, planted them in March…

  31. Don’t use them, they don’t actually work that well, if at all.

    If you want to grow tomatoes on a porch just use the old fashioned pot and tomato cage. I promise this will result in better tomatoes. Don’t fall for this cheap scam.

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