Fork to Fork – 2 – Tomatoes and Onions

Fork to Fork - 2 - Tomatoes and Onions

1999. Monty Don and wife Sarah share the basics of growing organic fruit, herbs and vegetables and use their produce to create simple but delicious seasonal …
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Question by sponge bob: tomatoes and other veg,?
what is the best way to grow a healthy big tomatoes.

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Answer by glamchik91
Tomatoes are fruits hun.

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  1. There is no best way.Every gardener has a different way to grow them.I use 5 gallon buckets buried in the ground to grow mine.I leave the bucket about 3 inches above the ground level.You have to have good soil,lots of sun and good air circulation to grow tomatoes.

  2. Till in some peat moss. The peat moss will help get the pH where it should be and help keep water in the soil.
    You can run a pH test but most soil need lime. Takes a while for dolomite lime to work. If you have some wood ashes that will change the pH faster and add some potassium too.
    Tie you tomato’s up on a stake to keep them off the ground.
    Keep the weeds away when they are small with a hoe.

  3. Place a trellis or wire cage around the plant when you plant it and use bread bag tie wires to fasten the tomato plant to this cage in order to keep it upright, also mulch heavily or lay old carpet on the ground around it. This saves pulling weeds and cultivation plus holding the ground watter.

  4. I grow mine in large pots with fresh compost peat free or just general compost, but put some stones or similar for drainage, I also use the largest grow bags I can find and grow three plants,to each bag. I use tomato feed as per instructions on the container , keep well watered never let them grow dry,plenty fresh air circulating the greenhouse if there is a hot sun protect them by coating the glass or put up a screen, or the plants will dry out very quickly, in the hot weather I spray water inside to cool the plants, keep your eyes peeled for white fly ect. But my advice would be to get a book either from the library or buy a good book for reference is a good idea.
    You will require some means of support for the plants as they grow B&Q have the very thing in the way of a spiral plant support, the tomato plant will grow up the if you just guide the top as it grows, and keeps everything tidy.
    Good luck with your gardening.

  5. The first this is to keep the moisture Consistant at **ALL ***times…
    If you want Large tomatoes then select something like a Beefstake tomato if you want fist size that are uniform in size and well flavored Better Boys or Big Boys.
    Bonus Answer/video for pruning

    Below is a link that gives good tips for the care
    Caring For Your Tomatoes

    TO: glamchik
    In 1887, the tomato reached the U.S. Supreme Court. The ruling? Vegetable. So legally, it seems, the tomato is not a fruit. Click here to learn more.
    Under the Schedule G.-Provisions of the Tariff Act of March 3, 1883, there were tariffs placed on tomatoes imported from the West Indies because they were considered a vegetable, and imported vegetables were subject to tariffs. The case originated on February 4, 1887 when the Nix Family sued Edward L. Hedden, tax collector of the port of New York to recover back duties collected on their tomatoes.
    I always use soft cloth strips to tie tomatoes in the stakes it keeps them from bruising and cutting the stalk flesh. I bekieve that is in the abov video as well.

  6. Use a fertilizer or formula of 3/4 N to 1P ,1K and 1/4Mg ,for best results .Restrict the use of water at the start to encourage sturdy but steady growth and to shorten the distance between the fruiting trusses .Only start watering after the plants are about 3 feet high for staked varieties.Try not to overhead water the plants to prevent diseases ,and not let the bottom leaves touch the ground by removing them.Having two leaders instead of one produces the best yield,so that it grows upward in a v shape ,with all the side laterals removed as they grow .T tape or drip irrigation is the best ,once the fruit begin sizing up ,and try keeping the watering even .Once half the crop has been picked ,side dress again with a 1N – 1K fertilizer to size up the top fruit, P is not necessary at that stage as all the root development is completed.Always try to plant on new land as even verticillium resistant varieties are only tolerant but not resistant to this disease.Hydrated lime or gypsum is the most freely available form of calcium ,if you have a deficiency of this element,and will be avaliable to the current crop unlike dolomite or lime.Good luck.

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