Freddie the Horsfield Tortoise eating his lunch, munching on a cherry tomato

Freddie the Horsfield Tortoise eating his lunch, munching on a cherry tomato

My 3 year old Horsfield Tortoise having his lunch, I have created my own bebo page giving advice and help all about Horsfield tortoises, it is open to everyo…
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Question by marcNH: What was the tallest tomato plant you ever grew?
what type of tomato?
how tall was it?
what soil and fertilizer did you use?
was it potted or in the ground?

I grewa 12 foot cherry tom last year and this year I want to get to 20 feet. my pot was 5 gallons and i was watering it 1+ gallons twice a day and that still wasnt enough. this year im using a 20 gallon pot with soilmoist crystals.

thanks for your answer!

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Answer by lumbarpain
I guess 6 feet, I didnt want them too tall so I could pick them properly.

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  1. Probably a Brandywine. They grow to about 10 ft. I use Miracle Grow, 24-8-16, once per week.

  2. 8 feet for me, cherry tomato, SunGold, and I am in central MN, almost northern MNn, and we have such a short season here, the frost gets them early. I grow in the ground, and have terrific soil naturally, although I do add some compost from time to time. I use a controlled release 10 10 10 also, that isn’t organic. I think I have been underfertilizing, and going to try a little more this year.

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