Fresh tomato salad – Inle lake

Fresh tomato salad - Inle lake

Do you know how to prepare a fresh Shan style tomato salad ? I say, just DELICIOUS.
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Question by gspot: is this a fattening salad ?
ive been eating loads of salads lately and i feel alot healthier, but i heard today that some salad dressings even your salads could carry alot of calories D:

my salad has, rocket, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and the thing is it has
danish cheese (like feta) vinegar & salt?

fattening or noo.. and if so can someone tell me what is a healthy diet that doesnt take like rabbit food, thanks 😀

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Answer by TheHelpfulEnglishman
You’re OK, don’t overdo the cheese but the rest is fine.

Try and avoid the salt though, salt isn’t good for you and to be honest salt on salad is a bit grim!

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  1. only one rule for food, eat what you love~

  2. What does this question have to do with family and relationships? Are you planning on hooking up with your salad?

    Try another category for a better response!

  3. This may sound weird coming from a 130-lbs 16 year old male, but I know dieting.

    Your salad is fine. The only thing I could see as fattening is the Danish Cheese. Salt in my diets was an unmentionable, but your salt&vinegar is fine.

    Most likely, a tiny bit of cheese on a salad isn’t what’s gonna hurt you.

    Carbs sit heavy. That means breads of any kind. Bagels, sliced bread, cake, anything. Try to keep them at a minimum, You’ll find it’s easy if you fill up on things like fruit, salads, etc.

    Another trick- drink a glass of water 30min. before mealtime. You’ll feel full faster, and won’t over-eat.

    Good luck!

    Lucien Briscoe

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