Ghe Bharari : Recipes : Tomato Basil Soup : 03-04-2014

Ghe Bharari : Recipes : Tomato Basil Soup : 03-04-2014

Ghe Bharari : Recipes : Tomato Basil Soup.
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Question by Dolores: Help with mexican soup recipe?
When I was a kid, like 8 years old, I used to go to my Mexican neighbor’s house to play with her kids and their chihuahua dog. For lunch she would make everyone “spicy tomato soup” (that was my name for it. I didn’t speak Spanish so I didn’t know what the heck she was saying a lot of the time.)

The soup was super spicy and we’d all get our own pitcher of water to go with it. It was sorta a game between us kids to see who could eat the most without drinking water.

Anyways, I really want to know what this soup is so I can eat it again.

Has anyone heard of a spicy red Mexican soup that is/was a quick lunch for kids? Does it help that my neighbor was from S. Mexico, her husband was from N. Mexico?

The soup was red from tomatoes and peppers. It was super spicy, and it had tiny bits of veggies/beans/rice in it I think?, but mostly it was like american tomato soup, only with a different taste and tiny flecks / bits of other things in it. Its entirely possible that she blended the soup to make it “kid friendly” but I have no idea.

A HUGE thanks to anyone who helps me to figure this out.
I’m puerto rican and as a kid I was comfortable eating things like tripe and pigs feet, so there would be no need to hide the tripe. I’m very sure it wasn’t menudo though.

In my google searches I’ve come across a lot of mentions of “aztec tomato pepper soup” or “tarasca soup” I was hoping someone familiar with mexican food could give me a recipe or name.

All I know is that the soup is mostly made from tomato’s and peppers, and has queso fresco on top.

Best answer:

Answer by WU-TANG FAN
Maybe it was Menudo that she blended up to make smooth so that you wouldn’t be grossed out by the chunks of Tripe, Hominy and other things in it.

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  1. The most common soup you will find at a Mexican family’s table is a pasta soup. Moms cook it frequently because it is simple, fast to prepare and kids always like it. It is done with very small pasta forms similar to American macaroni noodles or letter pasta.

    The basics is a tomato/onion/chili base bland salsa on chicken stock blended and cooked for a few minutes. Then you add the pasta and simmer until pasta is tender. After that comes the variations or the extra ingredients. You can add shredded ‘queso fresco’ or sour cream or a chili sauce, which is not the same because it has more chili than tomato or no tomato at all. It is also frequent to add chicken liver or other chicken ‘menudencias’. Vegetables can also be added but it is not frequent.

    Hope that’s what you were looking for.

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