Giant Tomato Plant

Giant Tomato Plant

Planted in March, it’s the end of November, and it keeps going and going, and going…..
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Question by Joe T: How do I tell a Tomato plant type?
The deed is done done. I went to walmart and we got one of those Upside down tomato planters and then got a tomato plant, already planted.

The thing said ‘Goliath Tomatos’ that was 2 and half months ago. Now these little things are staying small and turning red like Cherry Tomatoes.

How do I prevent this from happening again. The pot itself had the tag for goliath tomatoes. Can I go back and get my money back, I lost the reciept.

All spring, I’ve been looking forward to having fresh tomatoes on sandwiches and all I got is cherry tomatoes. How can I prevent this in the furture?

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Answer by diy Guy
there really is no way to prevent this. Varieties are nearly impossible to id on immature plants, so we have to trust that the tag sticking out of the container is correct. You can try going back to Walmart, but if your Walmart is anything like mine, do you really want to spend 20 minutes of your life standing in line, then another 10 minutes arguing over $ 3.49 with a clerk who hates his job, and another 10 minutes retelling your story to the manager! I’d simply enjoy the tomatoes, and try to buy your plants from a real garden center in the future.

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  1. interesting ,thanks

  2. Tags can sometimes get switched by customers in a garden center setting or they could have been labeled wrong by the grower. In any case, I’m sure WalMart will let you exchange it. If you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future, start your own from seed.

  3. i have found that the best time to buy plants before they get mixed up and tags are just stuck anywhere is the day they arrive at the store. you would be better off to go to a local nursery or garden shop next time. ask when they get their next shipment in, then go that afternoon and get your plants. i have bought many pepper plants and tomato plants that where not what the tags say. i don’t have this problem anymore now that i ask about the delivery date.

  4. since you don’t want the cherry tomatoes for sandwiches just go and make sure that the plants you get are the one you want and grow that,lest hassle then trying to get a refund.

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