Gordie, excited about planting his tomatoes

Gordie, excited about planting his tomatoes

Grandson Gordon rose early to be with his Papa in the garden. He was so excited about planting tomatoes, he did a happy dance and sang a little song!
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Question by Americal 70: What variety of tomatoes should I plant?
I’m in central Maryland and thinking about planting some tomatoes, what’s the best variety to plant, I don’t care for the hierloom or beefstake, I like the medium to large round varieties. Also, your favorite organic fertilizer. Thanks

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Answer by tammy g
i like big boy,,or better boy,,also romas are my favorite,i plant cherry tomatoes to,,i normally plant about 5 different kinds,

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  1. life is sweet!

  2. Better Boy is a great choice for you.

    Manure if a great tomato fertilizer. Just put it down on the soil and turn it in with a shovel. I use one bag for every 3′ x 3′ area of garden.Also there is no odor from the manure.

    When I plant Tomatoes, I put a handful of Hydrated Lime and a handful of sand in the hole before I put the Tomato plant in. The sand aids in drainage and the Lime sweetens the soil, thereby giving your Tomatoes the most wonderful sweetness.

  3. I would suggest Heirloom. You do not want to plant a Hybrid, they have no flavor, they just look pretty. If you like organic i would suggest “Money Maker”, Good Luck!

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