Grafting Tomato Plants

Grafting Tomato Plants

First time grafting tomato plants to hardy rootstock. Rootstock used was Maxifort. Grafting was a success and easier than anticipated. If I can do it, so can…
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  1. I came across grafting looking for ways to grow a plant or two through the
    winter. I found out tomato growers do it. So just for the fun of it, I
    thought I’d try. Here is what Johnny’s says; Grafting vigorous,
    disease-resistant tomato rootstocks to desirable fruiting varieties helps
    growers to overcome many disease and production related issues. Grafting
    tomatoes can improve production and overall crop health and vigor; reduce
    or eliminate the need for pesticide use; lengthen harvest duration.

  2. That looked easy enough but I not why we are grafting tomato’s, do they
    grow faster bigger or is there no telling what is gonna happen? sorry I’m
    really interested.

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