Greenhouse Tomatoes Growing (Big Mama Tomato Seeds)

Greenhouse Tomatoes Growing (Big Mama Tomato Seeds)

Get more useful tips for growing tomatoes here Tomatoes have always been a hot favorite among vegetable gardening hobbyists and th…
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Question by : Tomatoes didn’t grow?
every year we plant tomatoes and this year we did also, they were bought as small tomato plants and grew to their normal size; however, we had almost no blooms on the plants and only a couple of tomatoes grew which in the end did not ripen and began to rot. the plants look dry and are dotted with spots what could be the problem, we had plenty last year
and we originally had a larger garden but we made a new one so i don’t think the soil is the problem because we had cucumbers also and they grew this year
so please help..

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Answer by jean ann j

If you look around, there is a lot about tomatoes. There is something about the black spots.

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