Greenhouse Tomatoes

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Chris Mullins takes us inside the greenhouse to find out how to grow tomatoes, From the Ground Up. More at
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Question by cancersurvivor43: what can eating a raw green tomatoe do to you?
is it bad for you to eat raw green tomatoes and if you do what can it cause?

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Answer by happypappy
i wouldn’t think it would hurt. but we always fry our green tomatoes at the end of year.

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  1. Wow. Those are some beautiful tomato plants. I planted tomatoes and will
    take out the suckers but going to replant them. 

  2. What kind of air cooler do you use? And how much energy does it consume on
    a monthly basis?

  3. Hi, could you tell please the size of the bag that the lady is growing
    these tomatoes and i saw 2 plant in 1 bag , i have built a greenhouse in
    mauritius and i have all my growing bags with the size of 3 gallon will you
    advice someone to grow 2 plant in 1 bag of 3 gallon and Thank u for the
    video .

  4. Hi there…

    My question is quite simple 2 “parter” :-

    How long do you leave the plant to grow and produce fruit? In one of the
    video’s I saw on your farm and how you do things, the comment was made that
    it is very expensive to replant ( if I can remember correctly the amount of
    $2 Mil US was mentioned. What variety do you grow the most and how long
    does that one stay in.


  5. Hi SrFulano – In the case of this operator, the term organic is used in the
    general sense – in other words, it’s plant material, not totally hydroponic
    (water tubes) like other types of greenhouse tomato operations. Fertilizer
    is another confusing term… there are “organic” fertilizers like liquids
    derived from seaweed and other crop nutrients, and then conventional
    fertilizers. Also, many growers don’t try to be “organic” because it’s so
    expensive and difficult, but they stress “local”

  6. …..280 toms, three varieties, and 140 peppers, three varieties.

  7. Nice job. Good for you guys. I just started 420 peppers and toms in a hoop
    house today. First time at this scale. Once again, nice job.

  8. That man look like Jackie Cooper or what

  9. could you please help confused. she said that they are planted in
    100% organic medium…however later on she says that they have irrigation
    with fertilizer…so are these organically grown still? can you still call
    them organic even though you feed fertilizer? Im still new to the organic
    gardening scene, reading everyday…so please help me out on my
    confussion..where do you draw the line of organic and non organic?

  10. Green tomatoes should be just fine unless you eat huge amounts of them.

    Chemically, they contain a toxin called tomatine. In low doses this can give a bitter taste or burning sensation. Higher doses can cause intestinal problems and neurological symptoms.

  11. It’s no worse than eating a unripe green apple. I see no problem, but like the above: Frying green tomatoes in a batter or just cooking them into a sauce is very tasty.

  12. I don’t think they would hurt you. But try frying the green tomatoes. They are delicious.

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