Grilled Sirloin with Greek Tomato and Baby Arugula Salad

Grilled Sirloin with Greek Tomato and Baby Arugula Salad

Watch Chef Andrew from the Ankeny Hy-Vee make a great salad using top quality Angus Reserve meat found at your local Hy-Vee. Here’s the recipe: http://www.hy…
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Question by Patti: Seniors, do a pound of tomatoes cost as much as a gallon of gas now?
Actually, I can buy a gallon of gas for a few cents less. Think it’s time to start planning a garden. I hadn’t bought veggies for salad for over a week & shopped today, tomatoes are $ 2.99 a pound, cucumbers 99 cents, bell peppers $ 1.09 each.
I was shopping for fresh veggies to make salads for my diet. I can live without tomatoes and cucumbers and eat more cabbage. I am going to make bean sprouts from mung beans to save some money (they have a lot of enzymes) and plant spinach and other greens. Warm enough this week to do it.

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Answer by Beth
Yes. I have pretty much given up on fresh veg. and fruit. It’s canned or nothing.

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  1. I guess these high prices are a diet-plan that may actually work..

  2. soon we will have produce dealers and cartels selling illegal cheaper food

  3. Cabbage gives me gas

  4. I garden. It makes me cringe when I notice a dang bell pepper costs 1.19 in the nearest grocery store. I eat fresh peppers in the summer and chop and freeze them for winter use.

    Same with tomatoes. I eat fresh as long as I can and then can some and freeze some for winter use.

    It gets to hot for lettuce here in the summer. I’m going to try some indoors this year. Also bok choy, swiss chard and spinach make good salad greens.

    It’s amazing how much produce I get out of a small space. I grow most of the veggies we eat. I don’t fool with corn because it’s a heavy feeder and takes up a lot of space. It’s also high maintenance here considering the dang pests that love it to. So, I buy a few ears fresh every summer to enjoy corn on the cob and use frozen or canned corn for soups, stews and fritters.

    However, the truth is that gardening costs a few bucks in tools, seeds, plants, hoses, fencing and every new gardener throws away some money learning. I love gardening and I’ve got mine pretty well set up. My expenditures are pretty low.

    Haven’t figured out how to run my truck on tomato juice yet. Oh well. We do what we can.

  5. Gas here was $ 3.28 today. I saw some adequate pots today at the dollar store, I have to figure out how to put in some patio plants. we have the land to plant, but not the knees or the backs anymore.

    I am going to take a harder look for inexpensive pots and containers for this. Some tomatoes, green onions, some peppers… I regretted last year that I didn’t do it.

    Way too cold here for a couple of months yet to plant, but plenty of time to plan!

    Good luck to you!

  6. Hi Patti,
    I grow my own in the summer, and then can what I can to eat later. Although store tomatoes are better now than years ago, they aren’t as good as fresh.

  7. I have close to three acres of Tomatoes, veggies. I have not paid for a mater in a few years. Are they expensive? Maybe I should sell them.

  8. Not quite yet, about an hour ago, I bought tomatoes and paid $ 2.49/lb, and this morning I bought gas at $ 2.99/gallon.

  9. No But Lemons are atrocious here. Once I found them for 1.99 EACH…that’s sick.

  10. Yes, and they are sorry things compared to the ones that everyone in my neighborhood will be growing in a few short months. The only fresh tomatoes I am buying now are the Roma ones….which are at least not mushy.

    During the winter, I use a lot of things for ingredients in salads that I don’t use in the summer time….I have always found good ideas for the “different” fall and winter salads in Martha Stewart books…or from the Real Simple website.

    About the only time I use tomatoes in salads in the winter are for a salad I like best and sometimes just have a taste for….sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese slices, thinly sliced red onions, fresh basil….with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and lots of freshly ground pepper. I marinate the tomatoes in the dressing…and don’t assemble the salad until I am ready to eat it.

    In the winter, I will often substitute thinly sliced grapefruit slices for tomatoes. A salad of greens, sliced or sectioned fresh grapefruit, avocadoes or asparagus or tiny green beans, thinly sliced onions with a caesar dressing…..yummy!
    The Rio Star red grapefruits from Texas…I think they’re the best grapefruits in the world.

  11. I just bought Roma tomatoes for $ 1.69 a pound. I don’t think that’s to bad and they make great Burshetta

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